Is Valve's 'SteamBox' The Next Xbox?

Nathan Mayer compares the similar histories of both Microsoft and Valve, while speaking to what the 'SteamBox' may offer gamers.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1841d ago

That would make valve suck. No more free content.

ThanatosDMC1841d ago

They confirmed that Steambox is running Linux since Gabe hates Win8. The thing is just unstable for gaming compared to Win7.

lfclee1841d ago

Where have you been ? Linux are huge now , not like they were ten years ago they build the apple op's and have implemented there op's much , much more game friendly.

Megaton1841d ago

Valve's gotta be pushing developers to make their games compatible with Linux big time behind the scenes. Selection is pretty bare bones for Linux games on Steam right now.

GraveLord1841d ago

Why not? How quickly you guys forget that the success of Skryim and Minecraft on XBox would never have happened if people had a Steam Box. Who do you think is buying these games anyway? PC Gamers.(or former PC gamers who find consoles for convenient)

JackBNimble1841d ago (Edited 1841d ago )

Hey dude... minecraft ain't on steam, so why would it be on the steam box.

And believe me,PC gamers wouldn't dump their rigs and jump on the console band wagon for convenience... atleast not any one who considers themselves to be a true PC gamer.

And why would Skyrim and Minecraft not be successful on xbox if it was on steambox? Can't games be successful on more then one platform?

Tapewurm1840d ago

Games can be successful on more THAN one platform. However, every now and THEN one platform will have the upper hand or more superior version of the game. I recently rebuilt my gaming PC and now it can run anything on the market on ultra settings with no problems. I picked up Skyrim on Steam and Battlefield 3 through Origin and have to say that in comparison to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of both of these games....the PC version is far superior in every way imaginable. I have had the consoles for the convenience of not having to rebuild a PC every couple of years, but I am so glad I did. The PC I have now should last me a bit and I beleive I will just be getting the console games that are only exclusive to that console...anything that comes out 3rd party that also has a PC version will be played on my PC.

MYSTERIO3601840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Oh goodness no the steam box seems more of an open platform without the atrocious gold membership subscription deal.

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Kevlar0091841d ago

It's official guys and gals, Microsoft has dropped Windows in favor of Linux.

Seriously, do some actual research before making a story.

MoveTheGlow1841d ago

The article's about Valve doing for the console industry what Xbox did for it last generation - shook up the foundations of what a console did. The title's a little misleading, I guess, but he talks mostly about the use of Linux in the article.

Cursinguser1841d ago

While the title may be misleading, when you actually read, rather then comment in an ignorant rage, they tend to make sense.

SpartanQ81841d ago

Seriously هذي مشكلة الي يشم اباطه ويكتب مقالات بالنت

crazysammy1841d ago

I'm pretty sure that translates to "MURICA!"

SpartanQ81840d ago

This thing is your government thing>>>>9/11 >>>and then invade Afghanistan and Iraq based on a big lie (terrorist and weapons of mass destruction) and kill there people(in wtc 9/11) and other countries people! So who's the terrorist now!!?

DudeJets1840d ago

@Spartan you are, you are the terrorist now.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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