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GameDynamo - "Beyond: Two Souls is a game without a genre. No matter how hard one attempts to categorize it, it stubbornly defies explanation: the closest approximation I can give is that it's got a lot in common with Quantic Dream's previous title, Heavy Rain."

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NukaCola1779d ago

This looks awesome. I love Quantum Dreams games so much. Indigo Prophecy was good, Heavy Rain is great...This looks to top both!

showtimefolks1779d ago

already pre ordered whenever it comes out its day one

guitarded771779d ago

Yeah... I started reading the story at the link, then I decided I want nothing it terms of any kind of spoilers so I quit reading. I was sold at Quantic Dream.

DoctorNefarious1231779d ago

Its in a league of its own. I personally cant wait for it.

THC CELL1779d ago

Day one I loved heavy rain

NastyLeftHook01779d ago

heavy rain was seriously the top 10 best games i played this generation, and i played over 130 on ps3.

proof: psn id flamesofhell44.

DarkMaulRises1779d ago

Keep these exclusives coming Sony

NastyLeftHook01779d ago

"we always have and we always will."


Walker1779d ago

Graphically and animations, specially facial animations, beyond looks a true next generation title . extremely photorealistic .

DarkMaulRises1779d ago

Have you seen the tech video 'Kara'. Facial animations look amazing and the best thing is that using similar tech for 'Beyond: Two Souls'

Walker1779d ago

I saw that and i agree with you:) .

Imalwaysright1779d ago

I haven't seen videos of this game because i dont want anything to get spoiled but are the facial expressions in this game better than LA Noire? I ask this because im currently playing LA Noire and im truly impressed with the facial animations in that game.

DarkMaulRises1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

The videos below shows the tech that they use to create facial animation. Enjoy


Beyond: Two souls

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The story is too old to be commented.