Corpse Party: Book of Shadows Hits PSP and PS Vita Next Week, Has Full Japanese Voice Acting

It looks as though the PSP version of Corpse Party that came to North America and Europe in late 2011 did quite well as XSEED has announced that Corpse Party: Book of Shadows will come to the NA PSN on January 15th, with a European release ‘shortly after’. Selling for $19.99, it will be both PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita compatible.

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doctorstrange1900d ago

Misread this as a Wonderbook title, was very confused.

TrendyGamers1900d ago

Haha if it was, a lot of kids would get some nightmares.

Foolsjoker1900d ago

Wonderbook: The Necronomicon

ftwrthtx1900d ago

No Vita trophy support I take it. Still looks like it will be fun to play.

TrendyGamers1900d ago

It's a PSP game that is PS Vita compatible, so yeah, no trophies unfortunately.

Blank1900d ago

I know it kinda sucks its not a straight up vita game but for this kind of game its okay I LOVED IT! I bought the original in a sale and it just sucked me in and now there is a more definitive version that can use my old save file?! And has a new type of gameplay and mechanics?! Yo do yourself a favor and invest in this game the voice acting is top notch!

dbjj120881900d ago

Anytime they include the original voice acting they'll have my money.

insertcoin1900d ago

Japanese voice options are great... as long as there are English subs.

ThePsychoGamer1900d ago

A survival horror game with actual horror.. the based of the previous entry, visual novel may be a better term

TongkatAli1900d ago

Like Virtues Last Reward ?

TongkatAli1900d ago

I just saw a trailer of this and i got mindeblown, LOL. Buying it.

frjoethesecond1899d ago

It's an incredible game but get the original Corpse Party first.

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The story is too old to be commented.