New Wii U Accessories by Nyko

During CES this week, Nyko has unveiled a handful of new accessories for the Wii U offering an alternative to the official products created by Nintendo.

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Neonridr1718d ago

Nice. The extended battery could come in handy. I am liking that charging station as well.

Dr_Salvitor1718d ago

I like the pro controller charger, but I'm literally charging my pro controller for the first time sense i bought the system on launch day over 2 months ago and my girlfriend uses it for COD every day. I like the stand on the battery extender but i bought an energizer cradle that works really well for Wii motes as well and the charge cord is 11ft long so i dont see why people complain about the battery anyway. the nyko controller looks pretty cool but i'm never going back to old controller layouts the wii U's is just so natural for the thumb placement.

Jadedz1718d ago

Nyko will be there, waiting to make you lemonade (agrees for trying? XD).

guitarded771718d ago

The charge station is cool... now if Nintendo will just implement the pro controller in MORE games. Really pisses me off that I bought one and it works with so few games. It's a great controller.

WiigotU1718d ago

Nyko stepped there game up.

BlackWolf1718d ago

Well, that controller looks neat!!!

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