Gear City by VENT Unveil New Trailer to Build Hype for Upcoming Beta

Gear City, an automobile manufacturing business simulator developed by Visual Entertainment and Technologies, has released a new trailer to help build hype for their upcoming Beta. You may be asking yourself, “What is an automobile manufacturing business simulator”? Well essentially it’s a car manufacturer tycoon sim, leaning towards the less casual aspect compared to other tycoon games.

The game revolves around your office. From your office, you are able to control all aspects of your company. The first thing you have to do is design a chassis, an engine, and a transmission. The component design system is made to be simple while allowing a high degree of customization. After you have created these components and have hired employees to research them, you’ll need to design a car. GearCity has over 300 body designs, 100 accessories, and over 7000 customization morphs. The options are limitless. After designing a car, you have to start production in factories and set up branches to sell to various dealerships. All while 300 AI companies try to do the same.

The world’s economy and historical events have been accurately modeled between 1900-2010, which makes for a realistic experience.

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