Valve have "multiple custom hardware prototypes" at CES, not just Piston

Valve’s PR rep Doug Lombardi says they "are bringing multiple custom hardware prototypes as well as some off-the-shelf PC’s to our CES meetings, which are low-cost, high performance designs for the living room that are great candidates for Steam and Big Picture."

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dirthurts1780d ago

They keep stating over and over that none of these are necessarily the "steam box".
They even went so far as to say "please don't call it the steam box".
Let's wait for valve to actually show their product can we?
These are Xi3's modular computers, which are actually already available.

CapsLocke1780d ago

That's true, I guess it's the time when rumours spreading far faster than the accurate information.

icecoldfire1780d ago

And really hoping for an unexpected surprise of announcing half-life 2 episode 3.....

AbyssGravelord1780d ago

So excited for the "Steam Box" but if it isn't officially announced by March, I'm going to take the plunge and just buy a dedicated gaming computer.

deathVIAavatar1780d ago

I'm with you on this one. Plus, if the "SteamBox" is anywhere around the $500, you might as well build your own PC that can not only run games fairly well, but also do some moderate digital media work.

Hanuman1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Thank God!! I was really dissapointed seeing that little Ouya-like cube. It's a great looking device but only without the cables attached and I doubt it can harness much power.

Godmars2901780d ago

And people expecting more than an Ouya-type cube are probably going to wind up being disappointed.

JBSleek1780d ago

Why not just build a PC and connect it to a TV and not do the whole Steam Box thing?

AbyssGravelord1780d ago

Well the main reason why I want a Steam Box is because it will more than likely have a small form factor which would fit perfectly on an entertainment center in the living room. Instead of having a giant bulky computer sitting next to it.

JBSleek1780d ago

I guess that makes sense but you can build a capable PC is a small form fitting box as well. I just think that if PC gaming in the living room is what you are looking for you should build your own in order not be restricted and likely be cheaper. I do understand of course.

Coach_McGuirk1780d ago

to attract the people that just want to plug and play.. you know, the console crowd

aquamala1780d ago

Not everyone wants to build their own pc's, and Valve is the only one that can sell a gaming pc/steambox at or below cost, like console makers, because they get the money back on games

JBSleek1780d ago

There are plenty of already made gaming devices though. What I'm saying is I'm sure there will be a premium to be paid because Steam made it but the option is already here and cheap.

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