GameStop sells 320,000 Wii U units during the holiday period

GameStop saw a decrease in hardware sales during the holiday period last year. However, the retailer was boosted by a “successful” Wii U launch.

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MultiConsoleGamer1958d ago

That's a huge number for just one chain.

wiiulee1958d ago

point is all videogame sales are down...wiiu is selling well and on pace to hit the mark that nintendo set and thats unsettling for haters

Thatguy-3101958d ago

Not that people are hating but look at it this way. It was during the busiest time of the yr and it didn't manage to be a hit. How will it fare off when the other new consoles are announced and released? Nintendo will be back to third place this new gen. They don't have the casual market that saved them last generation.

StanSmith1958d ago

"How will it fare off when the other new consoles are announced and released? Nintendo will be back to third place this new gen. They don't have the casual market that saved them last generation."

Which is the same thing that was said when the Vita was announced, that Nintendo don't have the casuals from the DS and that the Vita would beat the 3DS once it released. Look how that turned out...

It's far, far too early to claim anything about the casual markets. The casuals start buying the consoles once they reach a certain price point. The Wii released at that price point which helped it.

To claim PS4/720 dominance this early is asinine. You're acting as if the WiiU will become unusable once they hit. It never happened with the Wii, DS or 3DS and it won't happen with WiiU.

The PS4/720 will be far too new (much like WiiU) to gain any massive third party support on release. The marketshare won't be there no matter how much people think they will be. Developers will still cater to the PS3/360 crowd for a few more years yet. The WiiU is unlikely to lose 3rd party support for another 2 years yet.

Publishers are running businesses. If the WiiU has 10 million consoles sold by the end of this year and PS4/720 release, but they only sell 1-2 million each over the holiday period, who will they cater to? It won't be PS4/720 as they'll make higher returns on WiiU (providing the game sells of course).

Basically, this doom and gloom crap needs to stop. None of the big three will have any issues this gen. Why we have this same nonsense everytime a new console releases, I'll never know.

Thatguy-3101958d ago

You really cant bring in the handheld example seeing how Nintendo ALWAYS has dominated that realm. And as far as third party support goes they simply don't sell on Nintendo's console. And like I said by the way wii u has performed throughout the holidays I highly doubt it will reach 10 million by the end of the yr.

StanSmith1958d ago

You've totally missed the point I was making, while ignoring my other points.

Publishers will not drop Wii U when the PS4/720 release. The Wii U will have a sales advantage over the other two. Due to the PS4/720 likely having more powerful hardware, you'll also see increased development costs. Again, dipping into Publisher's profits while potentially achieving less sales on the newer hardware.

It will easily achieve 10 million by the end of the year. It's currently sat at around 2.5 million sold Worldwide. Why would it be difficult for it to achieve another 7.5 million in the next year? The numbers above are one retailer in one country. To draw any conclusions regarding Wii Us future from the above, is silly.

As I said, you're writing off the Wii U based on nothing. The only thing you have to back up you're assumptions is the rumoured power specs of the PS4/720. You're willing to write off the Wii U after it has only been available since November.

Stop the doom and glooming. Even the PS4/720 will only achieve the same sales when they release. (Less if they're more expensive). It happens with every console when they release. You cannot judge a console until it has had a few years on the market.

As for third parties don't sell on Wii U, perhaps you should ask Ubisoft whether ZombiU is selling well. (It is). Third parties are supporting Nintendo more than ever right now. They will not drop them just because more powerful hardware releases. Comparing the Wii situation to that of Wii Us is foolish. It's totally different now.

jmc88881957d ago

Wrong. It was a hit, that's what selling that much was. It's more than the 360 or PS3 sold in the same timeframe.

Also we're in the beginning stages of a the greatest depression man has ever seen. (yes since it started dec 2007 [and didn't get noticed until fall 2008]). Thanks Washington!

Back to 3rd place? Well they were first last gen. I didn't own a Wii. But Wii won last generation.

They have their own hardcore and yes they also have a casual market. Cellphones and iPad's don't replace a console. Did it replace your xbox? Are you satisfied playing those 1993 style games? Meanwhile they ADDED the ability to have all the genre's like 360/PS3 and 720/PS4 will have.

Sorry the 720/PS4 won't be that much more powerful than a Wii U. The 720/PS4 ARE NOT...I repeat...ARE NOT.....PC's. Consoles don't use 700-1500 watts. They don't have $400-1000 dedicated graphics cards. They don't have the ability to run 2-3 of those priced graphics cards.

720/PS4 will use most likely under 300 watts. 75 to 300 watts...aka Wii U versus what 720/PS4 are likely to have is really only like a doubling of performance. If you double have 8xAA instead of 4xAA. You have physics on high instead of medium. You might load ultra textures 5 out of 5 instead of very high textures that is 4th out of 5.

People need to check back to reality.

1. Greatest depression
2. Sold better than 360 or PS3 or Wii (despite the absolute morons knocking it looking like fools doing so...except to like minded fools)
3. Wii was 1st not 3rd
4. Phones don't replace consoles as casuals still like having a console.
5. 720/PS4 will not be that much more powerful

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Jadedz1958d ago

It doesn't have to break records, just... sell respectfully.

Dlacy13g1958d ago

It will be interesting to see how the WiiU fares Jan thru June. That is its (at the moment) uncontested time frame. Come June with new hardware announcements looming I expect it will get tougher to sell the WiiU.

MizTv1958d ago

Still waiting for the games I would want to play

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