Kaz Hirai: PS Vita Sales Are on the Low End of Expectations

Push Square: "Speaking at a press event directly after the conclusion of last night’s CES press conference, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has admitted that PlayStation Vita sales are currently tracking towards the bottom of the company’s expectations."

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LOGICWINS1991d ago

Wow..I just gained a whole new level of respect for Kaz after admitting that. To many companies like to sugarcoat things and/or make excuses.

Thatguy-3101991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Exactly! Only a respectful company are direct and don't try to sugarcoat reality. But like he said long term is what counts. Still have faith on the system. Waiting for mercenaries and tearaway and a few psn titles to come out.

SynGamer1991d ago

I honestly expect Sony to "wow" us when they reveal the PS4 (or whatever it will be called) and show the interactivity with the Vita. I feel like Sony has some tricks up their sleeve that they can't quite pull off with the current PS3, but are ready and waiting for next-gen.

Can't wait :D

Hingle_Mcringleberry1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

If he were truly honest, he'd drop the "low-end of expectations" and just plain out say below expectations. I mean they've had to slash their predicted sales by MILLIONS, TWICE! If that isn't BELOW expectations, I don't know what is.
So no newfound respect here.
@dboy: "Only a respectful company are
direct and don't try to sugarcoat reality." Are you for real? Where were you when they were sugar-coating how the PSP Go was doing when they flat out said it was selling according to their expectations? Or the PS Move when they counted the navigator, the wand and the ps eye as individual units to bolster up Move sold units? How how about when they hid Vita sales numbers by lumping them up with Psp sales in their financial report?
The one time they semi-admit that the VITA is not selling well and suddenly they are a respectful company that don't sugarcoat things. Gimme a break.

adorie1991d ago

I think you're much better suited to be the Chairman Executive Officer of Sony Corp. .../s

JoGam1991d ago

I think the "Professional" way to say it was what he said.

The "Non Professional" way to put it is "It SuckS" or the way you put it.

Outside_ofthe_Box1991d ago

***"So no newfound respect here."***

Yeah, I doubt there is anything he could do to gain any bit of respect from you..

TheTwelve1991d ago

I like this mature look at the Vita sales. All Sony consoles begin slowly and for them to expect otherwise here would be fluke-ish.

Still, I love my Vita and ever since I bought it my 3DS collects dust.


TheTwelve1991d ago

@Chaotic --- PS2 didn't start to really sell until the GTA franchise hit it.---12

gapecanpie1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Handheld gaming systems are going extinct.... As long as iPad and tablets exist Sony and Nintendo may as well kill off the handheld systems in fact this should be the last gen of handhelds gaming systems.

I seen a guy ask his son if he wanted a psvita and the boy said why would I want that when I could get a tablet with a bigger screen and do way more. The only people who buying the Vita is hardcore Sony fans.

If I'm on the go then playing a simple game like scramble or a generic shooter on my tablet is more then enough until I get to where I'm going and that's how a lot of causal gamers feel and in this day and age there's more causal gamers then there are hardcore gamers. Also I think Sony should put pshome on the Vita I seen a lot of causal on that.

tubers1991d ago

VITA yes.. sheer power of Nintendo's handheld franchise, no.

miyamoto1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )


Like M$ Steve Ballmer of course.


imagine if the Vita has a custom Android OS from the get go and can do all the Android stuff?

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NYC_Gamer1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Well, he's being honest when talking about the PSV sales.

tachy0n1991d ago

and thats good, now they know they have to do something about it!

Blank1991d ago

Wow my jaw dropped upon reading that I mean he bluntly stated it, well dont worry kaz im one of those proud vita owners that bought the early release bundle up to this day its been worth it! People really need to stop and look at it and what it offers especially for gaming possibilities that back panel has alot of potential! I seriously always thought "what if this (random device) had a back touch panel?" ill keep supporting the vita till the end!

NeverEnding19891991d ago

You've only bought one Vita? Shame on you

You are no real fan. Us Vita owners need to buy at least 2-3 to keep this handheld afloat.

EddieNX 1991d ago

That's just creepy.....

JoGam1991d ago

For the record...I got a Vita and both my sons have one too.

TacoTaru1991d ago

If there would be some jrpg goodness for the Vita I would buy a couple but they just don't seem to want my $.

Nerdmaster1991d ago

But in what ways the back panel was used until today? I can only remember climbing ropes on Uncharted.

boybato1991d ago

Tearaway seems to have a good utilization of that feature...

Sanquine901991d ago

Punching in stranger's wrath!

neoMAXMLC1991d ago

Pentavision utilized the back touch panel for DJMAX Technika Tune. One of the best uses of the back touch IMO.

Skate-AK1991d ago

Pickpocketing and opening letters in Assassins Creed Liberation. Double tape it to run in Resistance Burning Skies.

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iamnsuperman1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I am wondering what they are going to do. I recently posted here a blog on how these should be implementing remote play with all their PS3 games (especially the Sony made ones as I can understand third party reluctance) but I do wonder what Sony is waiting for. They are not going to lie down and let this happen and Hirai admitting shows they understand the situation. I wonder the relation to the PS3 example is hinting that they have a plan that will be revealed soon (well I hope soon)

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