Gamers, Xbox 720 & PS4 need to be more expensive than current-gens, deal with it

The current generation of consoles has hemorrhaged money from both Microsoft and Sony, so this next-generation of consoles will either bring technologically similar systems or grossly more expensive consoles.

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1990d ago
iamnsuperman1990d ago

I really think this industry needs to go subscription based. Hardware is increasingly becoming expensive and in a way subscription based solves this while it can be used to increase profits without a strain on the consumer. Mobile companies have been doing it for years for obvious reasons but I think the industry could do with this model. Along side it you can have full retail price units but a subscription service could mean a powerful machine at a more manageable price

CyberCam1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

You do realize that you end up paying more for your mobile device when you do subscriptions long term contracts, at least that's the case here in Canada. Plus I don't want to be locked into any kind of a contract period, because after you have paid off your hardware, most times they still are charging you the monthly fees (most times the fees are hidden).

What if you're unhappy with your hardware or service after a few months, what do you do? You are obviously locked in for something you don't want and you don't have a leg to stand if the price increases... you're stuck!

iamnsuperman1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

I acknowledge the downsides (like being locked into a contract and paying more overall) but I see the benefits out way this (manageable cost) Usually you get a few weeks to decide on if the contract is for you before opting out. Hidden fees happen any way with extended warranty (main hidden fee with mobile contracts)

I feel the manageable cost could mean more expensive hardware but at a manageable price point. It is a shame that these contract services often means yo pay more but it does mean a $600 machine isn't such a financial burden at the first buy.

Of course I want this as an option because those who want to splash out in one go can

SolidDuck1990d ago

I'm ok with the subscription model as long as u can just buy them normal too, nothing wrong with options. But I think everyone is aware that the new consoles will cost more that the current ones. Of course I'd like them to be cheaper but I expect them to be somewhere in the 399-499 range, with typical price drops coming every 1-2 years.

CyberCam1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Agreed! But with the present price of hardware and the projected specs, I expect the price will be somewhat higher... say $449 upwards to $649.

Npugz71990d ago

People complain about anything and everything no matter what the price is.if you don't like the price than don't buy it morons!