Tomb Raider - Multiplayer official announced by Square Enix, including first gameplay video

Square Enix has now official announced the Multiplayer-Part in Tomb Raider with additional details and a first gameplay video.

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Dark111990d ago

Wow , the MP looks better than uncharted MP.

majiebeast1990d ago

It looks Uncharted ill give you that, but thats where it ends.

THC CELL1990d ago

U sir are off ye head.

I miss the intros in uncharted 3.

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Thatguy-3101990d ago

Ill admit it does look interesting but a lot of footage of actual match wasn't shown. It was all over the place so I wont necessarily call it a winner yet. The trap aspect of it does sound pretty cool but no way does it seem as fluid as uncharted multiplayer

lodossrage1990d ago

I won't even bother to ask how you came to THAT conclusion based off a video that was literally showing randomized bits and pieces.

Because right now, going by those little snips they decided to show randomly, it looks like their attempting to carbon copy Uncharted's multiplayer.

Ashunderfire861990d ago

Well it don't look better in graphics, but it could be better in gameplay. I am a big fan for traps, they add new dimensions to the game. Tomb Raiders was always about exploration and traps.

HarryMasonHerpderp1990d ago

I might be in the minority here but seriously what the heck are they doing with the Tomb Raider franchise?
This is not what Tomb Raider is about.
I'll still hold judgement until I play the full game but everything I've seen so far points too an Uncharted clone with Lara Croft in it. Nothing wrong with that but Tomb Raider is a completely different kind of series to Uncharted. I want empty Tombs, Swimming sections, med kits, awesome music and a strong Lara Croft.

Outside_ofthe_Box1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

***"wow 8 Disagrees already? , oh i forget on N4G no one is allowed to say something bad about uncharted lol."***

lol @ the things people say because others don't agree with them. People do not have to agree with what you say and disagreeing doesn't mean you aren't allowed to say anything bad about UC. It just means that people don't share your opinion of it.

I'm definitely not playing the MP for this game though as it reminds of UC3's MP which wasn't able to get me hooked. The traps seems to be the distinguishing factor and I don't like the sound it for MP. I like outside factors having a minimum influence when playing MP.

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Hufandpuf1990d ago

Looks exactly like Uncharted. And I haven't even played Uncharted.

Belking1990d ago

Game is looking good. Day 1 buy for sure.

Seraphemz1990d ago

All i care about is the SP being good...

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