When It Comes To The Wii U’s Online Store, Nintendo Is Dropping The Ball

Kotaku: When you log into the Wii U's eShop today, here is what you'll see on the front page: New Super Mario Bros. U, Batman: Arkham City, Ninja Gaiden 3, and Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition.

In other words: the same launch games you saw a month and a half ago. When the Wii U came out.

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Neonridr1840d ago

Well I guess they could rotate the games they show on the front page of the eShop, but it's hard to criticize what content they are showing when nothing new has been added to it. Obviously when new games launch, they will be promoted on the front page. But until that time, it's hard to judge it.

I still think the eShop is great, and easy to use.

EddieNX 1840d ago

In EU , the front page has most games on it in big and small squares all patch worked together.

Old McGroin1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

@ Neonridr

Read the article past the first couple of sentences. He's giving out about how there's hardly any content on the store after 6 weeks, not just about the front page.

I'm giving you an agree though because I really like the layout and ease of use of the store as well. When the Virtual Console games start appearing it'll rise to another level.

Neonridr1840d ago

yeah, I understand that the content hasn't changed, but again, if nothing new has been released, then what can they expect? I wish they were constantly adding new stuff, but it's still relatively new, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

I do wish that the Virtual Console games become accessible through the eShop in the future so we don't have to use the horrible Wii Virtual Console shop. I hate using that to download my VC games.

A future patch hopefully.

MikeMyers1839d ago

Another reason why I'm waiting to see how things go for the Wii U before making the plunge.

N4g_null1840d ago

What is funny is you do have access to all of those games on the wii eshop... True game pad play would be cool but chrono trigger and secret of mana are now on the wii eshop!

those games are not on the psn or xbox... These articles are not wrote from the perspective of gamers but casual writers of gaming and can only complain about games like soccer moms.

Oh yeah I just got my jaw off the ground from the CES nvidia presentation.... WOOOOOOOW 200 teraflops and you know nintendo could use that later on right? The shield presentation was pretty much a wiiu setup running on a xbox LOL.

Every thing is about to become a service so I think nintendo made the right choice. They could speed things up a bit but I dont think we are going to see next gen systems for a while with things like tegra 4 floating around. Gatika what ever doesn't even have a chance ouch! It is like Nvidia is out to kill sony now!

I think the unreal 4 engine only needs 2.5 teraflops also... Talk about over kill.

So far though the Eshop is fine, we gave every ting else some time to grow also. This is more of a complainer piece anyway. The gaming media is so in the dark now.

DA_SHREDDER1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

I don't care what anyone says, it will eventually grow and be awesome, maybe not as good as everyone wants it to be, but the fact that any Nintendo game can be put online one day makes me giggity.

Nodoze1840d ago

I agree that the WiiU store is severely lacking.

Also I find it a glaring omission that there is no Nintendo direct or other video messaging available on the WiiU.

granted I could open a browser for this, but I should not have to.

zillanoir1840d ago

Umm there is reggies 1st nintendo direct on their on top of whats comming soon. I love the simple style of the eshop its much better thsn going into all these different catogories and diff folders and tabs. Though when various genres come out with a bunch of games within them i guess that inevitable.

1upgamer991840d ago

I agree with this article for the most part, but the Wii Shop Has a Ton of AAA games for download. Like stated in the article it sucks we cant play on the gamepad. I know soon we will be able to, but HURRY UP NINTENDO. :) I am hoping that GameCube games are easy to port over to the E-Shop there are a ton of AAA games allot of people (myself included) missed out on, mostly because Gamecube did not sell very well. Gamecube games looked almost as good as Wii games(cause Nintendo underpowered Wii). Back to the lack of E-shop games, there are some great games on the way in the meantime I am still enjoying the ones out now. In the next few months there will be a ton of new content out. By Next Holiday there will be too much to choose from. Another Note I would like to make Launch-Xbox360 18 games...
PS3 12 launch games
Wii launch games 20+
Gamecube 12 games
And LOL lastly N64 just 2 launch games
The reason I posted all of that is because each systems launch took time to expand upon, and good things come to those who wait (what choice do we have) Nintendo will get there within the year I think we will all see some really cool things on Wii U. I for one am looking forward to it! :)

Kamikaze1351840d ago

I don't even understand why it's lacking. It should at least have all the Wii Virtual Console games on the eShop. I get that they were meant to be played on the Wii, but do we really need to emulate the Wii to emulate other emulators? I'm sure they could have made some for the Wii U.

Also, the eShop's UI is horrible.

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