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Submitted by Theyellowflash30 1126d ago | opinion piece

Where are all the 3DS Doomsayers After the Announcement of Pokemon X and Y?

Playeressence's Furious Francis discusses how the Vita has no shot at catching the 3DS with Nintendo's latest announcement, the media and gamers reaction to the 3DS' slow start with doom articles, and how Pokemon X and Y has and will put an end to those articles for good. He also gets into why gamers are making the same mistakes with the Wii U as they did with the 3DS. (3DS, Game Freak, Nintendo, Pokemon, PS Vita, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

majiebeast  +   1126d ago
Flamebait nintendo fanboy trash. Click the plus next to site name and downrate this site, dont need this flamebait trash here.
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kaozgamer  +   1126d ago
I didn't know you could do that...
guitarded77  +   1126d ago
Knowing is half the battle.
MaxXAttaxX  +   1126d ago
I think the author is stuck in 2011, when 3DS actually deserved some of the heat it got based on its price and lack of games.
But that was over a year ago and this guy is being incredibly defensive and fanboy-ish.
Blank  +   1126d ago
I did as you asked sir I feel that we dont need this negative article here and this writer swears that the whole internet will stop trash talkin the 3ds the internet trashtalks EVERYTHING EVERY HOUR!
WiiUsauce  +   1126d ago
are you really surprised this is a flamebait article? 99% of the "articles" on N4G are flamebait. This article is true though. I can't count the number of times I read Nintendo is doom comments when the 3DS first came out, and look at it now.
Krew_92  +   1125d ago
People complained about the 3DS when it first came out yes. It was justified though. We saw games come at a crawl and it lacked many titles in its first year.

It's been a year now. No one is complaining about the 3DS. I have not seen any 3DS doom articles on here in a very long time. Maybe they come here and there, but that's because of websites like these and nothing like the PlayStation Vita gets almost daily.

I can only see this article being written because of a personal dispute with someone. It doesn't belong here, thus the website deserves low ratings for bringing this flame bait article.
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DwightOwen  +   1125d ago
Thanks. I just voted it UP.
Theyellowflash30  +   1126d ago
Its not flamebait. It takes a look at the unfair and hasty doom articles the 3DS got and how most Nintendo fans knew all along the system would not fail.
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Canary  +   1126d ago
Says the user resorting to ad hominem attacks.

They don't make your argument stronger; they make it weaker.
Theyellowflash30  +   1126d ago
Should I erase the first part, and just go with the second then? Cause I'm sure my comment explains why its not a flamebait argument.

There.... done.
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akhmenhawk17  +   1126d ago
Finally, a critical thinker!
joeorc  +   1126d ago
"The Vita is powerful and cool but it has no shot at catching the 3DS. The 3DS just has more games, high selling franchises, and developer support. The Vita is powerful and cool but it has no shot at catching the 3DS. The 3DS just has more games, high selling franchises, and developer support. Pokemon X and Y is the final blow to Sony.."

and yet he has the Arrogance to state:

"Pokemon X and Y is the final blow to Sony."

yet he is calling out the other media outlets doing the very same thing to Nintendo, but it's ok for him to do that to Sony?

for all the doom saying Nintendo has taken over both the WiiU and the 3DS just look at the sheer number of doom post's about Sony with the Hack, the financial problems, the PSVita is a fail post's. and you can see they all get their share. Nintendo is not alone in their doom post's, take a look at Microsoft and windows Phone doom post's by the Media.

Nintendo is not the only one. they are not singled out more than anyone else.
Blues Cowboy  +   1126d ago
You're right there - it's also too early to call the Vita. That said, I can't help but feel that Sony should have learned from the 3DS' first year by ensuring that software support and marketing remained constant.

Still playing my Vita a lot for FFVII-IX, but my 3DS takes up much more of my free time.
ronin4life  +   1126d ago
No, they aren't singled out for punishment. But when they receive their course, it is always the harshest and most illogical.
PSN hack was a pretty bad service failure. They were called on it.
3DS sales were luke-warm at worst. Nintendo was deemed an incompetent failure doomed bankruptcy.
Vita sales are less than tepid at best... and Sony is given cautious praise, light handed warnings and admittedly a few exaggerated(in both behavior and perception) doomsayers... who are so insipid and far between they may as well be ignored.
WiiU comes out to as-of-now uncertain sales... and we have a cross between 3ds/vita in reaction, with no moderates... either it may be ok or it is seen as a total failure.

From what I've seen, they all receive the "hate" when it is obvious it is coming for... whatever reason. Yet, with Nintendo it is always far heavier and usually off the mark.
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joeorc  +   1126d ago
"whatever reason. Yet, with Nintendo it is always far heavier and usually off the mark."


Ok i get what you are saying but Has Microsoft or Nintendo ever had a single website with over 2+ million Hit's stating they hate said company?

Has Nintendo ever had a single website devoted to trash talk or Complete Hatred and has over 2 million in viewership of unique visitors all with the same idea of Hatred of said company?

2,815,228 people are tired of Sony's bullshit.


find a single site on the internet with that much hate for Nintendo! is there such a site?

i freaking doubt it very much.

So as i said Nintendo is not singled out anymore than anyone else.
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ronin4life  +   1126d ago
The wording is kind of bad and the writing amateurish... But it still has more intellegence behind the presented "3ds doom" articles.

Which isn't saying much... okay, it says nothing. But still.

it is only such trouble on the sony aggregate site n4g. Just look here for proof: as of this writing there are FAR more sony campers here despite the fact that this is mainly a Nintendo focused article.
How do I know they are "Sony campers"? I recognize the commentors here, and there are no non Nintendo/Sony tags. WHO else would be here... and who happens to be in control?
On the same day big news for Nintendo is released?
En masse, on every article as if by magic?

So, what is the article doing here? What is the point? It has the same purpose you have. In fact, it is no different... but is FOR Nintendo instead of against it.
This site is full of annoying commentors, and I have to say it is a bittersweet site to see the Sony tilt starting to be threatened... by an annoying Nintendo one. But when comment sections like this one pop up, it makes some of the bitter... go away.
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Hicken  +   1126d ago
Actually, many of the commenters probably have both systems or aren't as biased as, say.... you.

The only thing I have against the 3DS is that Nintendo tried to sell it at such a high price at launch when it didn't represent much of an improvement over the DS.

I've owned more Nintendo handhelds than Sony ones(an original Gameboy, a GBA, and two DSLites versus a PSP and a Vita), and I've had games I've loved on all of them.

The purpose of this article is to stir up crap: nobody's spreading "doom and gloom" about the 3DS now. In fact, most articles about the 3DS are about how good it's doing. And it further stirs up crap by being marked with everything OUTSIDE of the 3DS, as if there's really a relevance.

Then there's you. In EVERY Vita article- or near enough as makes no difference- and MOST Sony articles, being the voice of pessimism. You try to use disagrees or agrees as some indicator of who dominates the site, but since you can't glean any sort of knowledge about who voted what way on a given comment, you can't know who "dominates" the site.

Not that that lack of info stops you or others from making your claim.

Also hilarious is how many Sony "fanboys" have less than the standard three bubbles, compared to people like, say, LOGICWINS, who are anti-Sony trolls and have MORE than the standard amount. There are no anti-Microsoft or anti-Nintendo trolls with 6 bubbles running around here.

And if Sony fans really dominated, why such a huge focus on Sony gloom and doom? The default answer is "because it gets hits," but since we Sony lovers are supposed to dominate, doesn't that mean we should be failing these articles in abundance? Shouldn't we be submitting more Sony love and everybody else hate articles?

What you and others say about this site doesn't add up to what's actually HAPPENING here.
Kingofwiiu  +   1126d ago
It's Kind of true. In Japan When this Pokemon Game arrives , the 3DS will sell like 1Million a week+.

Pokemon BW2 was an optional Sequel , you didn't have to buy that one... But this is what every pokemon fan has been dreaming of , and the Every pokemon will buy a 3DS to get it.

This year the 3DS has Animal Crossing , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Castlevania , Luigis Mansion 2 , Dragon quest 7 , Fire emblem , Pokemon Mystery Dungeon , Pokemon X and Y , And many others.

I'm not Vita hater , But In japan , and probably most of the rest of the world , when these 3DS games arrive , the Vita is screwed.

At best it will be the Gamecube and the 3DS will be the Ps2 in terms of sales.

The vita is Fantastic. But , the 3DS is the star of the show....
kirbyu  +   1126d ago
Second to last line: That's certainly ironic.
doogiebear  +   1126d ago
Another rehash of Pokemon? The story that never really goes anywhere? No thanks.
kirbyu  +   1126d ago
Alot of video games have stories that never go anywhere.
RTheRebel  +   1125d ago
like littlebigplanets story?
nice try drone
360ICE  +   1126d ago
It's a completely ridic argument though. The 3DS doomsayers (btw, every console since the beginning of man has had doomsayers) were gone when the sales started pouring in. It's not like they were around yesterday going "Well, Nintendo. Looks like this best selling console of yours is gonna fail." and then went "Oh, no! Another Pokémon game, and it looks good! I'm outta here man."
iamnsuperman  +   1126d ago
Where is the need for this article. It is almost like it is asking for trouble in the comment section.
Theyellowflash30  +   1126d ago
So its ok to write doom articles but not call people out when their wrong? The users should have never approved it then
iamnsuperman  +   1126d ago
It isn't okay to write doom articles but because it happens doesn't give you (I assume) the right to write an article calling out these people. Take the higher ground because this is just asking for trouble
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SandWitch  +   1126d ago
Funny how you just written a doomsayer article yourself
sonic989  +   1126d ago
( epic fail ) i just wasted 4 mins of my life with that nonsense anyway what i understood is that he is a pokemon fan and a big one too LOOOOOOL
iamnsuperman  +   1126d ago
I find it funny how some people are shocked and excited at the prospect of Pokemon being on the 3DS when it has been obvious since the reveal of the 3DS this will happen eventually. I can understand the excitement for the game but do not understand the excitement for it being on the 3DS
Dno  +   1126d ago
Well they were in full force when 3DS failed to sell at 250 bucks.

Now years after nintendo made the biggest price drop in history almost 100 bucks the haters do what they do best. go back to Sony.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1126d ago
It didn't fail to sell, it just wasn't selling to Nintendo's expectations, which were ridiculous anyway because the global economy is sh!!t plus I don't think there will ever be a handheld that sells like the DS ever again.
Yodagamer  +   1126d ago
Heck if I remember right it actually sold better than the vita has at that price point
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1126d ago
In fact, when I checked and compared the 3DS sales at this point in time to the DS sales at the same point in its lifespan, the 3DS sales are better in Japan and NA.
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AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1126d ago
Terrible flamebait article is terrible.

There is no need for articles like this getting approved. It's only purpose is to incite more stupid fanboy arguments.
TongkatAli  +   1126d ago | Well said
It's all about "the final blow" and killing of Sony when it comes to the Nintendo fanboys. Who would have known all the happy games Nintendo makes it gave them a rabid aggresive fanbase, lol.

Ronin camps every Vita article XD did he really just post that wall of hypocrisy ?
#7 (Edited 1126d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
ronin4life  +   1126d ago
"VITA" article??
It is a 3ds article too, and that is how I found it.
I saw you posting polarizing comments on a wiiu article; am I to assume you camp WiiU articles?

What I find really funny is how you find my comment hypocritical... yet everyone here, including you and their reactions, the agree/disagree splits... all prove what I posted to be true. ANOTHER commonly known fact of the gaming media known to all outside of n4g... that people seem oblivious to here.

Well, I'm done. I'm going to be sticking to real game sites from now on.
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boybato  +   1126d ago
c'mon, he's just proud of his new pokemon. lol.
H4all  +   1126d ago
Please we don't need this article TAG on PSVITA/PS3 and XBOX 360...
Ness619  +   1126d ago
They grew up and got jobs
strigoi814  +   1126d ago
yah now this pokemon game has colors..impressive not gameplay still look the same just sayin
arbitor365  +   1126d ago
i havent cared about pokemon in almost a decade. i wish it would just end
kirbyu  +   1126d ago
Why do you care if it's still out? When a new game comes out you don't need to get it. If the series were to end, all that would do is make the fans unhappy.
one2thr  +   1126d ago
Even after seeing this video, I still think Silver and Gold are the best Poke'mon games created, but thats just me.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1126d ago
You should pick up either HeartGold or SoulSilver. They're everything the originals were, only better.
cpayne93  +   1126d ago
I mostly agree except in a few ways. I perferred the original music, plus they changed some of the diologue. Remember the old man looking in the window of those beauties, the grass type gym? The old man in the originals said he loved the gym because it was full of beautiful women. In the newer one, he said he loved it because it was full of strong trainers. There are lots of strange censorships like that in the game, especially in lavender town, can't give the impression that pokemon can die. These are small details but they annoy me nontheless.
wiiulee  +   1126d ago
absoluteldy right...haters are hating and yet wiiu is slowly passing psvita sales total that has been out months before it at a lower price.....point is wiiu is a fantastic system and nintendo makes the best games and with miiverse , tvii and great third party support....wiiu is ahead to stay ...despite haters
specsmatter  +   1126d ago
nintendo makes the best games according to who? an obssessive kid nin fan? lol Sony has made thee best games ths gen hands down garnishing the most awards for diff categories like uc2, lbp, kz, etcccc take tht "better games argument elsewhere bak to the 90's lol Miverse lol ill take ps home over tht anytime. Oh and pokemon will sell millions even though its rehashed, repetitive, and battle system is trash just bcus kids 17 and under love it lol
metroidfusion2  +   1125d ago
Keep crying yo tears are delicious lol
specsmatter  +   1125d ago
Yeah im crying while playing awesome games lol and your comment was real @ay smh

Wow i see you guys have alot more alternate accounts lol
wingman32x  +   1126d ago
I wish fanboys on both sides would stop fabricating a handheld console war. There really is no need for one. Both systems appeal to different groups of people, and the way they go about business is completely different as well. There's not a ton of overlap between the two. I think the two can coexist in the market.
MegaLagann  +   1126d ago
As a die hard Nintendo fan, please stop posting these trash articles. You're making fans like me look bad by association.
MRMagoo123  +   1126d ago
OMG a new pokemon game with the same exact gameplay since the original game came out years and years ago, dont get me wrong i have a 3ds at home i enjoy the games especially excited about animal crossing but seriously another pokemon is nothing to get wet undies about.
pedroyamato   1126d ago | Spam
Kingthrash360  +   1126d ago
Trash article .... Will not express my hate for it. Will just say this is an example of what's wrong with our gaming world today. No vote this site.
I hate doom articles for ANY CONSOLE/HANDHELD, true gamers love games not systems.
#19 (Edited 1126d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DivineAssault  +   1125d ago
people may go crazy over another pokemon game but im still waiting on some new game announcements that appeal to me for 3ds.. So far, all i see incoming is castlevania.. Not one other game interests me in the slightest.. I wanted fire emblem but after i seen how outdated the visuals were, ill stick with the wii version
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1125d ago
I dislike doom articles for any system so I enjoyed this immensely. How can people complain about "PlayStation is doomed!" articles hate an article that attacks doom articles?

Edit: I missed how negative this article was towards Sony my first read through. I can see why some people would be angry now. I wasn't looking at it as anti-Sony but anti-doom and gloom articles.
#21 (Edited 1125d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Shnazzyone  +   1125d ago
i think we need to start assuming all console assumption posted on n4g is invalid. what they claim, reverse it and you have reality. Example, 3ds was claimed to be doomed up and down and now it's not just doing good it is likely going to hit near ds numbers with this announcement. Meanwhile when vita was released... it was the 3ds killer and it was going to be a huge success... i''ll just leave it at that.
tubers  +   1125d ago
Hasn't the 3DS doomsayers started to go extinct after the price drop and decent bundles?

Nintendo did nice overall by responding to the complaints and situation with a whopping $ 80.00 price drop. I admit it wasn't so sweet with the early adopters though.
specsmatter  +   1125d ago
They did a whopping price cut because they inflated the price of the 3DS and were making like 100% profit basically ripping ppl off. It wasn't a genius maneuver it was a maneuver done because they could afford too after they ripped off the initial consumers.

Dummies on here keep saying they should lower the Vita price because 3ds did so big difference the Vita tech is way more powerful and way more expensive then the weaker 3ds tech so Sony cant just say lets drop the price 80 or so dollars.

Ppl on here really lack common sense sometimes and are always just blinded by fanboyism!.

On another note i admit mem. cards are too expensive but that was another route Sony took to keep the Vita at that price range because they could recoup the loss they make on every vita sold by selling the mem. cards.

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