Xbox 720 Specs: Eight-core CPU, 8 GB RAM, Windows 8 Kernel?

Microsoft Xbox 720 could have an Eight-core CPU, according to new leaks.

This latest rumour is via BD, who posts regularly on TGFC, which is a Chinese forum. What’s special about him? Well, he is an ex-Ubisoft employee, and claims to know all information about the Xbox 720, including the RAM, OS, and plenty of other stuff.

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hennessey861687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

According to him, the Xbox 720 will have an Eight-core CPU, and a HD 8800 series GPU. This also fits in with our previous report where we mentioned that the Xbox 720 could be running on a AMD HD 8000M graphics card.

It is also said that Microsoft will be using Windows 8 kernel for the system, which is pretty straightforward, as they have been pushing it a lot. He said it will have 8 GB memory and a 640GB hard drive.

If theses are accurate it should be a beast, but I still think these will be toned down. I can't see 8 GB of ram, maybe 4 and a 640 GB hard drive seems like a random number picked out of the sky

iamnsuperman1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

640 GB puts into question the validity of this. I have one 640 GB hard drive) in my PS3 but that thing was hard enough to find (really obscure size). The general consensus is to make 250 or 500 GB then up to 1TB. 640 is a bit random.

DiRtY1687d ago

The number is probably used because the current Xbox 360 SKU offers a 320GB HDD. So they doubled it. And is 320GB a more common figure for HDD space?!

Anyway, if this is true, I think we will see some really impressive games for it. Can't wait to see what 343 industry will do with this. Halo 4 already looked awesome for a game that runs on a 7 years old system.

kneon1687d ago

I suspect the specs are a little old. the 640gb drives weren't around long because the 750gb drives came out soon after at about the same price.

But remember that they will be placing orders for millions of drives, they could order any wacky size they wanted to.

HammockGames1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Agreed, 640 GB for a hard drive size is relatively uncommon. Not unheard of, but not as main stream as 500, 750, or into TB territory.

Generally speaking, hard drive prices tend to be lower for more common makes/sizes - cheaper to pick from the lot of what's already made en masse rather than requesting special orders.

And we know console makers will be looking to control mfg. costs.

Ezz20131687d ago

if thos spec are true
what do you think the console will cost ??!!

ABizzel11687d ago


We can't really say. None of those spec are off the shelf or detailed enough to give a specific price.

However, performance wise it should be on par with most mid-high to high end gaming laptops which are on par with mid to mid-high PCs.

So it's a jump, but not the leap from sd to hd. Most improvements will come from ai, effects, lighting, hd textures, scale, environment, improved resolution and fps, and scope. Not game changing graphics, but all things that will make games significantly more enjoyable.

Watch Dogs, Star Wars 1313, and all the games you've seen running beautifully on PC will now be on consoles, still not as beautiful, but incredibly difficult to see the difference with the naked eye.

hesido1687d ago

I agree 640GB is an odd size and standard size HD's cost less to end-users, however, I know a couple of hard-disk manufacturers who can get you great deals when you order several million hard-disks :) So I don't think the number does bad to the validity, although we can't validate it.

jmac531687d ago

You have to remember this will be a proprietary hard drive from Microsoft and not a company like Seagate. Unfortunately this probably means we won't be able to use off the shelf hard drives like the PS3 and will end up paying $159 for a 1TB official Microsoft hard drive.

sikbeta1687d ago

Like those rumors from months ago:

XBOX infinity = XBOX 8

Sounds Beastly powerful, can't believe people were talking about incremental upgrades, this thing (IF true) is a big leap compared to X360, can't wait!

AAACE51687d ago

I really hate when people judge consoles like computers. They always want more ram like it is a deciding factor. Pc's need lots of ram because they always have other stuff running in the background. Consoles generally don't have all that much going on in the background.

Not to mention the huge amount of heat 8gb of ram will create.

I know consoles are getting closer to being computers but the fact is they still aren't! They are currently media hubs.

MikeMyers1687d ago

8gb sounds good but I will believe it when I see it.

M_Prime1687d ago

am i the only one that is curious what it will use for games? will we go blueray? will we stay with DVD? I know with increased drive space buying games via the xbox will be easy but as it stands now you can't really get new releases YET. I would really love if then did something like a SD card. I mean blueray holds 25gb per layer. a 32gb sd card is pretty cheap.

i mean according to

a blueray disk is about $3 for 1 but of course larger quantities are cheaper

according to a random google search
a sd card is about $5 for 32gb. Now again larger quantities would mean better prices and even Nintendo uses them for the DS. I know it feels like a step back to cartridge but transfer speeds would be awesome and no more scratches (dvds scratch, bluerays are much better i know) and i doubt MS will pay for blueray

ElectricKaibutsu1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I'm betting blu-ray. No way would they stick to DVDs! Maybe they'll go with a proprietary blu-ray based drive like Wii U but I'm betting they'll just use a standard one to be able to play blu-ray movies, like the PS3. Though, that means Sony will be getting a couple cents per Xbox since they co-own the blu-ray patent.

Edit: I don't know why consoles don't go with cartridges anymore, even though SD card sizes have caught up. I think when you buy discs in bulk it's still a heckuva lot cheaper than cards. The DS still uses cards because they use a lot less power and there's very short loading times.

ABizzel11687d ago

LOL at all my disagrees.

Check the specs, the only thing that's remotely advance would be the CPU, but it could easily be an 8 core FX processor (solid CPU's, but very common), and used in most AMD based gaming PC's.

The 8GB of RAM will likely be 2GB GPU, and 6GB system RAM, but even if it is 8GB system/multipurpose RAM that's generally the bare minimal gaming PC's have today (16GB being the standard).

The 8800M series GPU's are nothing, but a republishing of the 7800M series, that consumes less power, but has boost clock which lets the GUP reach higher clock speeds, as long as it's within heat parameters.

All this is great, but it's not running games at 1080p @ 60fps. THe benefit it has is being in a console and being tweaked to specifically playing games, which could help it outperform your a duplicate Laptop / PC, but not blow it out the water.

DeadlyFire1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

640 GB is not to uncommon for a laptop hard drive. They are easy to find.

As far as the CPU goes I am leaning towards Power7+ CPU for Xbox 3.

Well here is how I see Xbox 3/PS4 hardware so far.

8 core Power7+ with 32 threads
AMD 8870M(992 Gigaflops) + Another GPU. I am thinking AMD 8850 (2990 Gigaflops)

Roughly equal to about 3982 Gigaflops

AMD Kaveri x2(920 Gigaflopsx2 = 1840 Gigaflops) with 8 cores roughly 16 threads
AMD 7970M or other unknown GPU

Roughly equal to about 3940 Gigaflops

I know if you watch rumors like I do. That 1840 number should catch your eye for PS4 spec.

x86 vs. RISC at its best. Honestly if what I have listed is coming it certainly explains why there was an article claiming Xbox 3 would be twice as powerful. Wrongful claim if indeed true specs.

TAURUS-5551686d ago

no 4K ???.....well that would be really bad for the next xbox720 players.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Windows 8 kernel would make xbox to pc and pc to xbox port easy for devs to port games.

They have xbox live on windows 8 anyway.

But I have no problem moving to linux. PC gamers are not adopting win8 fast. Actually noone is since it's selling slower than vista. And vista sucks.

Seems Blizzard is porting to linux also..

One thing is for sure xbox 720 UI will be tiled based and will be advertised to be used with kinect.

That just sounds like a MS thing to do.

sourav931687d ago

"Actually noone is since it's selling slower than vista. And vista sucks."

Slower than Vista? Erm, I don't think so. I do agree that PC gamers aren't adopting 8, but to claim that it's slower than windows Vista, is ridiculous.

rainslacker1687d ago

They wouldn't be using a full version of Win8 for the Xbox anyways. It'd use the kernel, but the rest of the OS would be modified to suit the closed architecture of the system, as well as be tailored for the hardware. The kernel could even be modified to be more efficient.

Comparing a console OS to a PC OS doesn't really translate well when it comes to performance. At most you can look at Win8 and see what they might go for with design and usability.

For MS it makes sense to do this, as it is a way for them to push Windows 8 onto the consumer. It people see benefit in PC/Xbox cross-compatibility, they are more likely to pick up Windows 8. On the other hand, they'll be moving on to Windows 9 a year or two after the Xbox is released, and depending on what kind of wacky scheme they come up with to make it "better" than the last, it may render Win8 irrelevant.

I personally can see some benefit to Win8 in the system when it comes to integration with smart-glass, and would make the UI pretty usable and easy to navigate.

sourav931687d ago

Sorry sorry, my bad. I guess my eyes aren't what they used to be. I thought you meant the OS being slower.

mcstorm1687d ago

Windows 8 will be fine. What people are not looking at is the bigger picture. Windows 8 has only just come out and a lot of laptops/desktops that are out there for sale with windows 8 on where made for windows 7. Look at CES and you will see that there are some very good looking and well prices Windows 8 machines on the way.

Just because something is not selling well off the mark dose not mean it is a flop. (Look at the PS3 sales for example).

As for the Next xbox these specs seem impressive but I really don't expect them to be as high as they are. I see 2GB of ram not 8.

I do see the next xbox having more ties in with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 though as this will complete the MS eco system to take on Apple and Google.

Look forward to seeing what MS and Sony give us at E3. I think Next gen is going to be even bigger for the games industry as Sony Ninteno and Microsoft will all be gong for the same markets.

steve30x1686d ago

He said its selling slower than Vista. He didnt say Windows 8 was slower than Vista.

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kayoss1687d ago

The bigger question is assuming that all these specs are true. How much would the console cost to the consumers. I know Microsoft will take a lost for every console sold but how much of a lost would Microsoft willing to take? If all these specs were in the final product, I dont see how Microsoft can sell this console under $450.

green1687d ago

I think Microsoft can make a loss with some and a profit with others if they offer to the consumer different purchasing methods like what they are now offering with the 360 in NA.

Buying it outright for $500 will result in a slight loss but paying $150 and a monthly repayment of $20 over a 2 year period will result in a profit for Microsoft in the long run because the consumer ends up paying $630.

LocutusEstBorg1687d ago

8800 is bullshit. The consoles are already being manufactured.

MRHARDON1687d ago

The 8800 has in development at least from December 22, 2011.

So AMD probably can provide Microsoft with a well developed architecture of the 8800 to use in the Xbox 720 if they really needed it.

DeadlyFire1687d ago

True, but they could have taken a die from a prototype planned design and sculpted it for the Xbox 3 in 2012 before 8800 started production. The 8000 line is the refresh line so most parts from it are just enhanced versions of 7800 series.

nirwanda1686d ago

The 360 had a protype gpu in it with unified pipelines before those gpus were could be bought on a pc, i expect the new xbox to have some future dx functions to trail in the new xbox

nukeitall1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

8GB would be the bomb, and RAM is cheap now, very cheap.

For fast switching between tasks (or background tasks) such as fast switching to a browser, chatting with your friends on skype, picture in picture and so on you need gobbles of RAM so this could be true.

For reference, Wii U has 2GB which half is for the OS alone.

GameSpawn1687d ago

RAM is getting cheap, but consoles and video cards do not use the RAM that is getting cheap.

DDR3 RAM is general use and as such is manufactured to be cheap and get cheaper until the next iteration replaces it (DDR4).

Video cards, gaming consoles, and servers use RAM that is more tailored to their tasks (GDDR4,5,6, XDR and DDR3 with ECC -- respectively) that also has VERY low latencies and errors and VERY high speeds. These things mean that this type of RAM isn't going to be cheap as it is MUCH more expensive to manufacture.

To put this in perspective 8GB of DDR3 is worth about the same (money-wise) as 2GB of GDDR5. If RAM was as cheap as you think, we'd have video cards with 16GB of RAM for graphics, but this just isn't the case.

nukeitall1687d ago

"Video cards, gaming consoles, and servers use RAM that is more tailored to their tasks (GDDR4,5,6, XDR and DDR3 with ECC -- respectively) that also has VERY low latencies and errors and VERY high speeds"

DDR3 with ECC is actually slower RAM than the regular counterpart due to the error correction it has to do.

A PC uses two types of memory, system and video. No reason why you can't have a similar system with a cache in between.