Steam Box Codenamed Piston. Early details of Valve's upcoming console

Valve is out to change PC gaming, one way or another. Steam has become the biggest hub for PC gaming and now Valve are out to do it again with the SteamBox, which we learned is going to be Linux-based. Valve has teamed up with Xi3 hardware to bring you the Piston(codename for the SteamBox)

he Steam Box will have up to 1 TB of storage with a modular motherboard that will give us the option to upgrade the CPU and RAM.

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RamsesNum11959d ago

Wow those specifications sound intreging. I mean I think we have a contender, I already love steam. But yeah the Piston looks cool

Blackdeath_6631959d ago

we have a big contender at that. the fact that it is upgradeable is a good feature that separates it from other consoles and with a very strong online service such as steam this could be a big hit. i'm still sceptical on weather it will support games that can only be played using keyboard&mouse or if it will be controller only console.

(sorry if i refer to it as a console while some people may consider it a pc. ultimately it will be competing with consoles not with pc's so it only makes sense to call it a games console)

RamsesNum11959d ago

TO some extent yeah i totally agree with you, but thats my point, you really dont think it can compete with a PC. I mean how it gets its strength, being some what of a micro PC.....

CyberCam1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Correction Please!
It will be able to be used with a keyboard & mouse as it will also be able to be use with the regular Steam interface as well.

I read that on one of the press releases. I can't for the life of me find it right now, as I've read so many PR's from so many sites.

scotchmouth1959d ago

I hope they keep the name 'Piston'. Quite like it

adorie1959d ago

Lot's of people are complaining about the price. Lol. The main attraction about this is the size and power it brings. If I had the money for the 1100$ X7A, I would drop it in a heart beat, knowing well I can upgrade it later.

The size and what it does for being that size is what grabs me and holds me in place. I can say if this improves any more, I'm going to have to set up a side account and save up for one of these.

Autodidactdystopia1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I think most of us are getting ahead of ourselves.

I dont think this is the steambox at all.

i understand valve is invested in this company but i dont see this being very successful at all.

it is literally too small to fit any real perforamance in there in terms of a gpu, even today mid-highend gpus pull 100 watts of power on thier own.

I dont buy it and im calling this bs for now cause i dont think valve would come to the gaming market without significant HW to push a new engine and hl3 when it debuts.

highend gpus pull as much as ~400 watts on their own

Davoh1958d ago

Would PC gamers and Valve fans buy this? Probably not, because they would be the ones most likely to have a gaming PC. Then what about console gamers? They would probably stick with their current console manufacturer, the Next Xbox or PS4, etc.
The only real reason to get this would be if you don't have a prefered console or a gaming PC and figured this would be a cheaper alternative. But then why choose this over another console? Sadly, there aren't many exclusive PC games nowadays apart from indie games which don't usually require a gaming PC, but then what's left? The Sims and strategy games. But is getting the Steam Box just for The Sims and strategy games worth it?

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fermcr1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

according to Eurogamer...

"Prices for an X7a will start at $1100 and they'll be available in February, according to a press release put out in September. They'll run Windows 8, Linux and Unix."

If they sell it at that price.... ouch.

Blackdeath_6631959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

oh...$1100...well at that price you may as well buy a pc lol. doesn't that defeat the purpose? i guess for people who are still so insistent on avoiding a full on desktop pc they can just buy this but man that price tag does hit hard.

JsonHenry1959d ago

They've shot themselves in the foot if it costs that much.

pr0digyZA1959d ago

So far they have said this is a niche product, they havn't tried to hide the fact.

I suppose its for people who want a PC in the living room (big picture) and don't want a huge case filling space or looking out of place.

ShadowKingx1959d ago

i rather just spend the money on building a pc then. Then i just use an hdmi able to put it on my TV. if i want to sit on my couch and play steam games.

Hopefully this is not the case, and its just an option instead for high performance if people are willing to pay it.

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LackTrue4K1958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

whats the price on this??? i doint like the look of it, but i i work at a sign shop and work with alum all the time...i think i can make a better look and give it a Alien-ware theme to it.

i just check the price, some what high...but its understandable....if no ps4 this year, im getting one.

AbhishekGIS1959d ago

very good and i will surely gonna think about it

majiebeast1959d ago

1100$ does it come with a lifetime of free steam games?

RamsesNum11959d ago

Yeah right, I can by a PC for that amont and stick to browser steam. They should really rethink how they will penetrate the market with this price

blackbirdi1959d ago

really dispointed i was expecting something else

MaleManSam1959d ago

Kind of ironic that it looks more like an X than what the X-box does.

Jek_Porkins1959d ago

The Xbox is called that because it was short for Direct X Box. Simply for what was being used at the time.

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