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Submitted by StickTwiddlers 1128d ago | opinion piece

Do We Really Need More Pokemon?

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have been announced for the 3DS with a October 2013 release date. Even with the leap to 3D, do we really need more Pokemon? (3DS, Nintendo DS, Pokemon, Pokemon Black and White 2, Pokemon Blue, Pokémon Gold Heart & Soul Silver Edition, Pokemon Red, Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon Yellow)

STARRHUNTER29  +   1128d ago
no we dont
jimbobwahey  +   1128d ago
I can't help but wonder if this franchise has been milked even more than Call of Duty. Pokemon games definitely see significantly less improvements and new content than yearly COD games do, that's for sure.
3-4-5  +   1128d ago
The video ! Have you seen it ?

This is the most drastic change in Pokemon from what I've seen in a while.

I haven't played since RED though, but this kind of re-excited me to play pokemon again for the first time in 15 years.
chadboban  +   1128d ago
In that case, do we need any more sequels to anything? It's all a matter of taste. If people like the series and want a new pokemon game then yeah, THEY need a new pokemon game. If it's not really your thing then of course YOU don't need it, it's not exactly made for you to begin with.

That being said, I am liking what I'm seeing so far of this game. And it's still a long ways off from now, so who knows what they can do with it.
Jadedz  +   1128d ago
If consumers want it, then...
Of course.
hylandpad  +   1128d ago
I can agree to a point. However, if

A) Churning out another generic Pokemon product goes sour, Nintendo takes a loss
B) Churning out another generic Pokemon product causes their other, newer, and potentially more profitable IPs to suffer, then also Nintendo will take a loss.

And I have heard a LOT of wishes from the Nintendo crowd, overwhelmingly "REMAKE LoZ: OoT!" If they spent a couple thousand doing that, rather than rehashing Pokemon for the umpteenth time, it would be a much more sound investment, no?
Jadedz  +   1128d ago
Everyone does it
Nintendo shouldn't be the only one singled out here.
schlanz  +   1128d ago
Q. In what world would Nintendo take a loss from putting out a Pokemon game?

A. Make-believe land
Y_5150  +   1128d ago
Saw that there was a frog looking pokemon in the trailer as the water stater. How many frog looking characters do we have already? :P
GenericNameHere  +   1128d ago
Like about 6 now? I don't know if you're being sarcastic, but if you've played Pokémon after Gen I (or if you've even played Pokémon), you'd know that there are very few frog Pokémons.

And the older Pokémons look cooler? The newer Pokémons have more intricate designs than before. Look at Gen I and Gen 2. A lot of Pokémons looked cool or ugly, but still very basic and boring. Now, there are ugly and cool Pokémons, with some really having fine details into them, rather than just being like a plain rat or bird or something.

Do we really need more articles like this? I like Pokémon, a lot of people like Pokémon, costumer demand ensures Nintendo and Gamefreak money. Of course we (and the developer) need more Pokémon. Same as COD. I hate to say it, but if people demand it, and the developer makes money, then bring on more.
I can't wait for this new Gen. It's finally on the 3DS, and ready to move on to it.
GeckoPutt  +   1128d ago
Well, the frog-like Pokémon that I can think of are:

. Croagunk
. Toxicroak
. Palpitoad
. Seismitoad
. Poliwhirl
. Poliwrath
. Politoed

I don't think it matters really how many frog-like/toad-like Pokémon there are in the game though. Because I don't think any of those Pokémon look similar at all (apart from those in an evolutionary line).
Y_5150  +   1128d ago
I'm just saying it's gotta start being hard to see tiny similarities in other pokemon. I love Toxicroak and Politoed!
e-p-ayeaH  +   1128d ago
i dont know any of those pokemon lol
G-cis  +   1128d ago
dont care,gunna buy both on launch day
Kamikaze135  +   1128d ago
I don't mind new Pokemon, but the new ones look so....ugly. I wish they would spend time making cool looking Pokemon.
Blastoise  +   1128d ago
They won't all be so ugly. Plus, they're just the starters. Hopefully once they evolve they'll look cooler

(Fennekin looks good though)
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Kamikaze135  +   1128d ago
Maybe. The ones we got in Diamond/Pearl and Black/White are ugly for the most part compared to past generations. My hopes for X/Y aren't too high. The games are fun so I'll get it. I just wish they put more effort into creating these Pokemon. Or at least hire more capable artists.
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Carni  +   1128d ago
I just want a new digimon with beutifull grapichs game for Nintendo or Sony...
Blank  +   1128d ago
Even though this is a pokemon article I still feel I need to give you *props* on this comment! YES! Moar digimon or rather current gen console or next gen digimon game! Now back on topic I dont know about more pokemon then again I last played silver and then I saw the new generations left me wondering why arent there more cool looking pokemons?! I wanted to stick with this franchise but the new pokemons dont appeal to me in short more pokemon if they look cool but no more random generic wanna be cutesy stuff they frickin battle!
tigertron  +   1128d ago
I want a Pokémon game like X and Y, but with Kanto, Johto and Hoenn Pokémon. I couldn't really care for anything after that. Still, I'm looking forward to this.

Anyways, Kanto, Johto and Hoenn Pokémon+the regions would be awesome.

Let's face it, there are far too many Pokémon to catch, and many end up being left out of the sequels...
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jambola  +   1128d ago
it's a 3d main series pokemon game, who cares whether theres new pokemon or not :D
Mathew9R   1128d ago | Spam
GeckoPutt  +   1128d ago
Why not...? I have been playing/watching Pokémon since it's inception, and I don't understand these elitist fans that stand by Generation 1 simply because it was the first Generation. The new Pokémon games are innovative, and exciting as are the majority of the new Pokémon introduced.

A lot of people moan about how they don't like playing with an ice-cream cone (Vanillite evolutionary line) or a trash bag (Trubbish evolutionary line) and that modern Pokemon are ridiculous, but when you look back at some of the Pokemon that were introduced in Generation 1 such as giant moving slime (Grimer evolutionary line) or a frickin' Mime for God's sake (Mr. Mime) then is there really any difference? No. I won't even mention Jynx...

People saying that the "classic" Pokémon are the best are just blinded by nostalgia. I have always maintained that if we got Generation V games first and Generation I as the most recent batch, we'd have similar complaints
"A seal Pokémon called Seel? Out of ideas"
"A lizard with a flame on its tail? Boring"
"This Pokémon is made out of magnets??"
"A Pokémon based on a PokéBall. Ridiculous!"
"A pile of sludge being a Pokémon? Please"
And so forth

I say, more Pokémon, it moves the series on and gives the games a fresh start, a new region a new start! :D
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OmniSlashPT  +   1128d ago
So after 15 years, the Pokemon series go 3D (some wacky 3D, seems like a N64 version) and somehow it's new and fresh again lmao

As much as I like Pokemon and still keep playing them, it's a shame how Nintendo doesn't even try anymore and just gives the fans what they want (which is more of the same). And since everyone still has that nostalgia and love for Pokemon, no one can really admit how milked the franchise has been and how uninteresting it has become.

It's time for a full HD, open world 3D Pokemon for a domestic console. This handheld 3D style Pokemon should've been made 7 years ago on the original DS.
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Nexgensensation  +   1128d ago
Yes we do
we don't have enough games like pokemon except pokemon ! look at call of duty? we got crysis, kz3, resistance 2, battlefield , and halo reach!

if you ask me we definitely need more games like pokemon
aLucidMind  +   1128d ago
The pokemon series seriously needs to innovate or die; and just making new pokemon is not innovation. Especially when they're all face-palm worthy names like every pokemon's name in white/black that are merely mispellings of a word or something idiotic. All it is doing is exploiting young fans' obsession with catching them all to rake in more cash.

"Sawk" (Sock)? "Throgh" (Throw)? I'm expecting a pokemon called "washing machine" now.

What they need to do is find a way to make an open world RPG (similar to Elder Scrolls) based on the pokemon games. But no, that would require more effort than just going "New pokemon!" and tossing out a random color under the "Pokemon" title.
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GeckoPutt  +   1128d ago
No, that's what they need to do to appease you. Creating an RPG (similar to Elder Scrolls) would be a great idea, however, bear in mind the target demographic for the Pokémon series; it's children. Whether this game is "raking in more cash" or not, the system works and that is why it is one of the most loved video game franchises of all time.

With each new generations they have found a way to be innovative and evolutionary. Of course there are many things I dislike that are introduced into each new series, there are tonnes of new generation Pokémon that I detest, but I don't detest them simply because they're new, I detest them because I don't like their design, or name.

But I'm afraid that your argument about the Pokémon names doesn't just apply to newer generations, every generation has stupid and uncreative names:
. Seel (yes, it's a seal)
. Muk (they've taken the 'c' away; that's all)
. Ekans (Snake backwards)
. Arbok (Kobra backwards)
. Persian (they've done nothing creative here)

As for going "New Pokémon and tossing out a random colour under the Pokémon title", that's incorrect also. Other than the most recent Black & White (which was incredibly appropriate considering the theme of the game), we haven't had colours since Gold & Silver (unless you are being pedantic and count them as gradients from the primary colours). We've had:

Gen I: Colours
Gen II: Metals (& Colours)
Gen III: Gemstones
Gen IV: Gemstones
Gen V: Colours
Gen VI: Letters (perhaps chromosomes)?

So unfortunately, your argument is invalid.

Related image(s)
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1128d ago
Oh look, people who haven't played Pokemon since R/B/Y saying that the game hasn't changed since then. How cute.
MaleManSam  +   1128d ago
It died after 2nd gen for me, I couldn't get into the gen 3 Pokemon, crystal version and Pokemon stadium was all that I needed.. They really should have brought out a proper Pokemon RPG with a great storyline after that. Instead they milked it, milked it good.

Or a new sick ass digimon game.
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strigoi814  +   1128d ago
Kids dont, simple as that..
blackblades  +   1128d ago
No I stop playing pokemon with emerald so I don't even know the pokemon from black.
wiiulee  +   1128d ago
do we really need more killzone , halo, call of duty, ratchet and clank, little big planet......nintendo makes the best if we need the 10th version of those games then we need more pokemon
e-p-ayeaH  +   1128d ago
When pokemon actually mattered for me is in that link.

chronoforce  +   1127d ago
haven't played pokemon in years but its still popular, people watch it and buy merchandise etc its like brands that have been around for 50,60 or a hundred years they are made as long as there is demand

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