Do We Really Need More Pokemon?

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have been announced for the 3DS with a October 2013 release date. Even with the leap to 3D, do we really need more Pokemon?

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jimbobwahey2043d ago

I can't help but wonder if this franchise has been milked even more than Call of Duty. Pokemon games definitely see significantly less improvements and new content than yearly COD games do, that's for sure.

3-4-52043d ago

The video ! Have you seen it ?

This is the most drastic change in Pokemon from what I've seen in a while.

I haven't played since RED though, but this kind of re-excited me to play pokemon again for the first time in 15 years.

chadboban2043d ago

In that case, do we need any more sequels to anything? It's all a matter of taste. If people like the series and want a new pokemon game then yeah, THEY need a new pokemon game. If it's not really your thing then of course YOU don't need it, it's not exactly made for you to begin with.

That being said, I am liking what I'm seeing so far of this game. And it's still a long ways off from now, so who knows what they can do with it.

hylandpad2043d ago

I can agree to a point. However, if

A) Churning out another generic Pokemon product goes sour, Nintendo takes a loss
B) Churning out another generic Pokemon product causes their other, newer, and potentially more profitable IPs to suffer, then also Nintendo will take a loss.

And I have heard a LOT of wishes from the Nintendo crowd, overwhelmingly "REMAKE LoZ: OoT!" If they spent a couple thousand doing that, rather than rehashing Pokemon for the umpteenth time, it would be a much more sound investment, no?

Jadedz2043d ago

Nintendo shouldn't be the only one singled out here.

schlanz2043d ago

Q. In what world would Nintendo take a loss from putting out a Pokemon game?

A. Make-believe land

Y_51502044d ago

Saw that there was a frog looking pokemon in the trailer as the water stater. How many frog looking characters do we have already? :P

GenericNameHere2043d ago

Like about 6 now? I don't know if you're being sarcastic, but if you've played Pokémon after Gen I (or if you've even played Pokémon), you'd know that there are very few frog Pokémons.

And the older Pokémons look cooler? The newer Pokémons have more intricate designs than before. Look at Gen I and Gen 2. A lot of Pokémons looked cool or ugly, but still very basic and boring. Now, there are ugly and cool Pokémons, with some really having fine details into them, rather than just being like a plain rat or bird or something.

Do we really need more articles like this? I like Pokémon, a lot of people like Pokémon, costumer demand ensures Nintendo and Gamefreak money. Of course we (and the developer) need more Pokémon. Same as COD. I hate to say it, but if people demand it, and the developer makes money, then bring on more.
I can't wait for this new Gen. It's finally on the 3DS, and ready to move on to it.

GeckoPutt2043d ago

Well, the frog-like Pokémon that I can think of are:

. Croagunk
. Toxicroak
. Palpitoad
. Seismitoad
. Poliwhirl
. Poliwrath
. Politoed

I don't think it matters really how many frog-like/toad-like Pokémon there are in the game though. Because I don't think any of those Pokémon look similar at all (apart from those in an evolutionary line).

Y_51502043d ago

I'm just saying it's gotta start being hard to see tiny similarities in other pokemon. I love Toxicroak and Politoed!

e-p-ayeaH2043d ago

i dont know any of those pokemon lol

G-cis2044d ago

dont care,gunna buy both on launch day

Kamikaze1352043d ago

I don't mind new Pokemon, but the new ones look so....ugly. I wish they would spend time making cool looking Pokemon.

Blastoise2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

They won't all be so ugly. Plus, they're just the starters. Hopefully once they evolve they'll look cooler

(Fennekin looks good though)

Kamikaze1352043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

Maybe. The ones we got in Diamond/Pearl and Black/White are ugly for the most part compared to past generations. My hopes for X/Y aren't too high. The games are fun so I'll get it. I just wish they put more effort into creating these Pokemon. Or at least hire more capable artists.

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