Connor is a Terrible Man

There are two Connors in Assassin’s Creed 3 depending on how you choose to play the game – one is good, one is bad, and both of them are terrible.

It all comes down to the side missions, really – there’s very little reward for playing them and from that, you get two vastly different readings of our hero.

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nofallouthero2046d ago

this was a pretty good read
i found connor unlikable because he so black and white, and he does a lot of stuff with out understanding why. He keeps preaching about justice and freedom with knowing what they means. maybe in the next game they will expand on his character and give him some more depth.

SideShort2045d ago

Same. As soon as his dad gave him a few good points, he instantly started questioning his own reasoning. "I think I wanna change my mind after killing 200+ people for my former cause."

Sketchy_Galore2045d ago

"i found connor unlikable because he so black and white"

That's racist, twice.

dreamoner2045d ago

I wanna say "good one!" hope I'm right =)

joab7772045d ago

U may find Connor boring etc. But this was a pointless article. Obviously, you are meant to play the side missions. If you choose not to, don't waste your money on this game or any other game. You can argue that there isn't incentive to play them, though I disagree. Why would u play AC if u didn't care about the story. What else is there? You can argue that the rewards are lacking and you would be right for most of them. But, the reward is the journey and the story. You know, the reasons u bought it. Yes, I wish there was a little more of the rpg attributes. It's strange not to ever really be building up your character. But this isn't the topic. It's like saying fallout 3 sucks and is really short if u don't play the side missions. The title should have been, "if u have no common sense concerning video games, read this."

Anyway, the mistake with Connor occurs when they fell into the PC trap. No one could be the bad guy for fear of offending someone. So u get a stoic Indian who was wronged by everyone. He is almost perfect, wanting justice for his ppl from the evil doers. That aside, I think AC3 made many great strides. Hopefully they notice what worked and what didn't and the next installment is the best yet. We will see. But whatever happens, I already know I will be playing the side missions. Otherwise, I won't buy it. It will occur during French Revolution. Though Sean does mention goin back 10,000 yrs to the beginnIng. That would b weird.

noxeven2045d ago

I honestly don't want to play as connor again. Normally when I finish a sin creed I go back and roam around a bit and so stuff I didn't do to see more story or here conversations i might have missed but with this one i hate connor so much that I was just like sweet done on to something else. Now connor father he was way more interesting. If they wanna make a game about him how he switched sides and rose through the ranks. Id be down for that other wise I want a new character. I'm looking at that fan made cover art for china theme sin creed and going there we go that looks more interesting.

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claud32046d ago

but desmond sucks more in my opinion

RememberThe3572045d ago

I don't like either character. I love this series but they really only hit the mark with Ezio. Desmond and Conor could have been so much more interesting, but they dropped the ball with those characters and I couldn't really care less what happened to them. This was the first game in the series I had to force myself to finish.

TekoIie2042d ago

I actually enjoyed Desmond's role in AC3. Chasing someone without the HUD and having to keep your focus on that person was tough first time and felt really fresh being in the modern day.

Canary2045d ago

Playing the main campaign just made me feel that Connor was stupid.

I mean, plenty of games rely on stupid protagonists to push the plot, but Connor really went a bit too far. And then in the Homestead missions, he was the same guy, just less... stupid. Which was an odd counter-balance.

But it didn't really bother me.

I was more bothered by the fact that there was only one big battle we got to fight in--and it was awesome! The high point of the game--and that was it. They kept advertising how we'd be able to do missions during huge battles, but then we could only do it once. Major letdown.

Quiescent2045d ago

Connor was too kind hearted he doesnt get job done when time call for it instead you fall into stupid unnecessary situations to finally your kill is available to you hes weak compared to Altair Ezio and Haytham they were relentless

MeatAbstract2045d ago

He was just boring. Maybe if he didn't have to follow in Ezio's footsteps I'd be thinking "well...he's ok" but from the charismatic Ezio to this emotionless lump of wood makes him dull and unlikable.

hano2045d ago

Ezio was terrible.

He was just a spoiled teenager who made wise cracks. His character and past didn't fit an Assasin's Character..someone like Altair.

Ezz20132045d ago

Altair was the best one
he was badass and very smart

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