Dark Phoenix and Thor spotted in cancelled Marvel title

Xbigy Games writes: Not much came from EA and Marvel’s partnership years ago. Despite the two companies seeming to be a match made in heaven, poor titles such as Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects damned the relationship between the two and in 2007 they parted ways.

New images have emerged from a cancelled game that unfortunately never saw the light of day. The 3D brawler had both campaign and multiplayer modes and looked a darn sight better than the atrocity that is Rise of the Imperfects.

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1Victor2049d ago

The pictures look OK nothing special.For the usual nay sayer in pictures all games concept look cool and awesomely good.anyways I would love a marvel vs dc game done by capcom in the stile of MvsC 2

Skate-AK2049d ago

I still have my copy of Rise of the Impefects. Game was badddd.