Game Revolution: Devil May Cry 4 Review

Geoff Hunt of Game Revolution writes: I've played the first two Devil May Cry games, and found them to be tedious action games with more visual flair than enjoyable gameplay. I frankly thought of them like one of the Dynasty Warriors games, just riddled with bad camera angles and fancier moves.

Devil May Cry 4 really isn't wildly different per se. The same horrendous camera angles that inhibit successful combat are omnipresent, opponents still punish you for needing to wrestle with annoying level design, there are invisible walls galore to prevent you from wandering around as you want to, and there are at least as many minutes spent in cutscenes as spent playing the actual game.

+ Slick animations
+ Gobs of style
+ Fun boss fights

- Too little substance
- Crappy music
- Rice-paper thin storyline
- Cheer up, Emo Nero

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI3949d ago

horrible review. How the hell is Nero emo? By invisible walls does he mean that you can't jump off the bridge in the game? Cause I have yet to encounter an "invisible wall" within 4 playthroughs.