THQ Properties Up For Auction, Where Will Their Future Homes Be?

It’s official, THQ is no more, well, it will be soon. On January 22nd, an auction will be held to sell off the intellectual properties, studios, and other assets of the publisher to the highest bidders on an individual title basis.

It has been reported that Electronic Arts, UbiSoft, Warner Brothers, and at least 2 other companies have been visiting these studios and assessing the titles for purchase, so it is once again time to fire up the Speculatron 9000 and see what the potential future of these games and their respective studios is.

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j-blaze1962d ago

WTH Microsoft is doing?!! they need to take advantage of this ASAP! they need to buy the rights of at least Devil's Third, Saints Row and Metro

NYC_Gamer1962d ago

Why?the franchises will hit Xbox regardless.

Belking1962d ago

Exactly. Waste of money IMO. Those franchises will hit xbox and most likely outsell other versions anyway.

DeadlyFire1961d ago

Devil's Third is not THQ owned. All rights to that are at Valhalla Game Studios.

Metro I am uncertain of if THQ owns it or if 4A owns it. If 4A owns it then its their game and not THQ's to sell.

Saints Row is 100% THQ property though. So is Red Faction. I hope to see Red Faction again soon.

claud31962d ago

Not going to happen, because MS have better things to spend their money on

gpturbo811962d ago

like glitchy and halfassed operating systems? annoying advertising? sweat shops?

STARRHUNTER291962d ago

if ea gets it well it will be ruin also

EliteDave931962d ago

All i hope for is that EA stay the hell away from Saints Row.

matrixman921962d ago

"My hope for this studio would be going to Electronic Arts, as EA while they are one of the “big bad” corporations, they allow their studios the freedom to design as long as they stay within budget and meet their deadlines"

whoever wrote this article...are you on crack?

SuburbanHell1961d ago

Not on crack.

EA allows its developers freedom of artistic integrity, look at Mass Effect 3 if you want any more proof of that. EA and Bioware took a beating but it was the ending Bioware wanted to begin with.

Also, of the big 2, it's the lesser of 2 evils, as Activision would eventually destroy the whole franchise.

matrixman921961d ago

lol...EA has Biowares nuts in a chokehold. ME3 was not quality, it was a pile of rotting feces. Activision and EA are both complete shit that will destroy franchises

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The story is too old to be commented.