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Pokemon X & Pokemon Y Gameplay

GameXplain: "Check out the first gameplay video of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y for the Nintendo 3DS!" (3DS, Pokemon X and Y)

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Eternalb  +   1005d ago
This looks awesome!
StraightPath  +   1005d ago
That looks so awesome! Damn 3DS is ripping competition apart. With these killer games its dominating.
raWfodog  +   1005d ago
Looks cool, I know my son will flip when he hears this. Maybe then I can get my Vita back from him...
TopDudeMan  +   1005d ago
Love the new camera angles. I always thought that was the way forward.
3-4-5  +   1005d ago
Yea Dragon Quest 9 made it work..along with monsters Joker, makes sense that it would be used in Pokemon eventually.

I have some catching up to do..( no pun intended )..might go buy Soul Silver today.
Pushagree  +   1005d ago
This looks like a decked out version of Black and White. They can't even make new character designs any more? Oh well, i'll probably be suckered into this one too just like all the others.
G-cis  +   1005d ago
taemo123  +   1005d ago
oh men im gonna pooping a lot when my dad bought me one
Oldman100  +   1005d ago
oh men thats wierd! because im gonna peeing a lot when my mom bought me one

whater coincidents
taemo123  +   1005d ago
looks darn cool!!!!!!!!
kB0  +   1005d ago
Wow they actually found a different program to make their games with other than paint!

Only took em about 15 years :)

I'll actually buy this pokemon game, I stopped buying after Platinum.
blackblades  +   1005d ago
I stopped buying after emerald this looks pretty doubt I buy it since I don't have a 3ds.
Skate-AK  +   1005d ago
Oh wow was not expecting that.
r21  +   1005d ago
Well, that has gotten me interested in pokemon again :D Might have to buy a 3DS soon as this game comes out.
Y_5150  +   1005d ago
Ok. OK! I'll just add this to my "must have list"
Holy Crap! OMG new Pokemon need to know more!!!!!!
TongkatAli  +   1005d ago
This looks impressive gj Nintendo.
tigertron  +   1005d ago
Well colour me surprised.

I wasn't expecting this at all. Although I'd rather they not have added any more Pokémon. There are too many. Should have stuck with what they have.

I'm very tempted to pick up a 3DS Pokémon X/Y bundle.
jambola  +   1005d ago
i doubt anyone wanting this cares too much about new pokemon right now
jambola  +   1005d ago
OMG I can still feel the tingles, I am so happy that i picked up a 3ds when i did!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Newmanator  +   1005d ago
Just crapped myself
blackbirdi  +   1005d ago
i hate pokémon but i really like this one !!!
MaleManSam  +   1005d ago
F@ck that, I'll wait until "Z" version...
goldwyncq  +   1005d ago
Pokemon X and Y? Wonder if they'll use Greek alphabets next time.
mamotte  +   1005d ago
Alpha and Omega dont sound bad at all, you know.

Better than putting a sequential number -cough, cough-
mamotte  +   1005d ago
Looks great. I hope they put a "Shout evade" button in battle, just like the anime does. Seriously.
MoreRPG  +   1005d ago
now all i need is more eevee evolutions
PygmelionHunter  +   1005d ago
Give me a way to catch Eevee and a rock-type evolution and I'll buy the game 10 times!
-Gespenst-  +   1005d ago
Aw man, no Pokemon Rainbow? No world comprised of all the locations from generations 1-4?

It looks like it's received the overhaul it needed though. Might get this (these)
Tei777  +   1005d ago
I was just as excited as everyone else until I saw the trailer, this is a half assed attempt at 3D. The animations, environments and effects are almost a gen behind what the 3DS is capable off. They're still taking the approach of doing as little as possible, the fact that the pokemon models are in 3D (something that was possible on the ds) hasn't changed this.

Seriously, if this was any other franchise we would assume it be a downloadable e-shop title.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1005d ago
I'd say more like two gens behind based on the 3DS being able to produce a game like Revelations.

Still, I'm more excited by the change in battle presentation more than anything else. GF has made strides in improving every other aspect of the main entry Pokemon games BUT that.
El_Colombiano  +   1005d ago
I guess it's back to Pokemon Yellow for me. This is horrible looking. Reminds me of Pokemon DX on Gamecube. *shutters*
HmongAmerican  +   1005d ago
Now with all those battles animation every wild encounters and trainer battles will take forever to finish.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1005d ago
They'll probably include an option to turn off the battle animations just like in the previous games.
strigoi814  +   1005d ago
a lot of kids got to excited here..lolz
GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME  +   1005d ago
i never understood why pokemon was fun, i've tried it many many times, and always dislike it, everybody else seems to love it though so it's probably just me
specsmatter  +   1005d ago
nah plyed it few times and hated it. Imo very repetitive and battle system is trash. The only thnk i liked was the evolution of pokemon as you trained thm an thy got more powerfull. Pokemon is like from ages 18 and under. If your older thn tht and still fascinated with pokemon lol theres a problem hahaha (plz adult pokemon lovers dnt kill me lol)
GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME  +   1004d ago
i think people who played pokemon when they were kids, and have grown up with it are the ones that enjoy it, where as if you are 18 and you were to try it out for the first time, you probably wouldn't appreciate it, i think that's the predicament i'm in
Kennytaur  +   1005d ago
Pokemon WHY!
Damn those new pokemons are ugly, but atleast it's finally an evolution of the series.
prototypeknuckles  +   1005d ago
another game added to the day 1 list for 2013, my wallet is fucked.
specsmatter  +   1005d ago
lol wow so many lil lame kids on here riding the vita lol Wow pokemon? lol what are u like 13 going crazy over repetitive a## pokemon smh. Version 50 lol u guys love getting milked with rehash over rehash. This will def sell bcus lil kids such as the ones creaming off ths announcement but plz dont bother hating on the vita where we adults will be playing awesome technically advanced games like killzone merc, soul sacrfice, tear away and others. Some of you guys are really jealous you cant afford a vita or daddy wont buy you one sort of like all the ppl hating on ps3 when it was 600, but those same hypocrits couldnt get enough of it when it hit 300 lol Pokemon wow!!! lol are you serious?
PS3gamer4life  +   1004d ago
I want a Pokemon mmo game and theres 2 of each legendary Pokemon in the game in there really really high lvl and whoeva gets lucky in catch would be hard to beat unless u got a strong Pokemon but every cant get a legendary pokemon bcuz its only 2 of each but it will be really hard to catch 1

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