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StraightPath1872d ago

That looks so awesome! Damn 3DS is ripping competition apart. With these killer games its dominating.

raWfodog1872d ago

Looks cool, I know my son will flip when he hears this. Maybe then I can get my Vita back from him...

TopDudeMan1872d ago

Love the new camera angles. I always thought that was the way forward.

3-4-51872d ago

Yea Dragon Quest 9 made it work..along with monsters Joker, makes sense that it would be used in Pokemon eventually.

I have some catching up to do..( no pun intended )..might go buy Soul Silver today.

Pushagree1872d ago

This looks like a decked out version of Black and White. They can't even make new character designs any more? Oh well, i'll probably be suckered into this one too just like all the others.

taemo1231872d ago

oh men im gonna pooping a lot when my dad bought me one

Oldman1001872d ago

oh men thats wierd! because im gonna peeing a lot when my mom bought me one

whater coincidents

taemo1231872d ago

looks darn cool!!!!!!!!

kB01872d ago

Wow they actually found a different program to make their games with other than paint!

Only took em about 15 years :)

I'll actually buy this pokemon game, I stopped buying after Platinum.

blackblades1872d ago

I stopped buying after emerald this looks pretty doubt I buy it since I don't have a 3ds.

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The story is too old to be commented.