UGO: Dynasty Warrior 6 Review

UGO writes: Love it or hate it, Dynasty Warriors isn't going anywhere. Somehow, even after a hair under 20 releases bearing the title, developer Omega Force still knows how to improve on what they do. And what is it that they do, you ask? For the two people left on the planet who don't know, this explanation is for you: Dynasty Warriors games place players on a series of massive battlefields in feudal China, all of them teeming with the soon-to-be snuffed lives of hundreds upon hundreds of mindless enemy soldiers. In terms of gameplay, this is non-stop hack 'n slash action with little or no thought really required for success.

For those who are open to it, it's also endlessly entertaining. Which brings us back to the latest release, Dynasty Warriors 6. Omega Force knew they needed to make some changes for the series' first solo appearance - September 2007's Warriors Orochi combined characters from Dynasty and Samurai - on current-gen consoles. And changes they made, as Dynasty Warriors 6 arrives sporting a retooled combat system and a lengthy list of other new experience-improving features. It's more of the same, yes, but it's also a whole lot better than what's come before.

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