Does the world really need Nvidia’s shield?

Yesterday at CES, Taiwanese computing powerhouse Nvidia shocked the world by announcing their very own handheld gaming console; an Android-powered, Steam-integrated game-centric device that would also allow gamers to not only play native Android games, but also to stream games from their PC’s. In a world where Sony’s latest handheld can barely get off the ground, does anybody really need or even want this thing?

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Cosmit1895d ago

Does the world need one? idk. Do I need one? No.

chcolatesnw1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

I agree. Streaming PC games to a 720p small screen is somewhat ridiculous. Nvidia said playing games on PC has the disadvantage of sitting at computer desk, but if you get sore from playing PC for long periods then you should take a break, get some fresh air, not pick up the Shield and resume gaming on couch. And the external touch screen is awkward. I cant imagine being able to play using the handheld and touch the screen in a fluid manner.. This is just another tech gimmick that will probably sell to break even but i don't think it will sell enough to attract global attention

Coach_McGuirk1895d ago

does the world really need any handheld gaming devices?

strigoi8141895d ago

no!!! this looks like a chinese rip off handheld

1895d ago
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