IGN GDC 2008: Requiem: Bloodymare Preview

IGN writes: This game is currently out in Korea, but according to representatives the game's changed so dramatically on its way over to Western territories it really doesn't seem like the same title at all. We saw a demo of this peculiarly named MMOG at GDC 2008 and got an overview of what king of gameplay to expect. The main thing we noticed: this game is really bloody. For example, the loading screen is sloppily stitched flesh that slowly comes apart to indicate progress.

The action takes place on a war-torn planet where many races fought for centuries. Magic and science created different kinds of warfare, sparking some sort of disturbance. The planet's docile creatures (which yes, in case you were wondering, include boars) eventually became ravenous monsters, and the intelligent races were forced to scatter. Eventually those in hiding created a breed of super-soldiers called Temperions to battle the disgusting things that dominated most of the planet.

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