'No chance' for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 on Wii U

Coming from producer David Cox, when asked about Lords of Shadow 2 on Wii U.

Sorry to disappoint you but no chance.

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majiebeast1963d ago

Doesnt look very good for wiiu with the third party support. If they cant even get games now i doubt we will see ports of ps4 and xbox next games on it.

jimbobwahey1963d ago

Anybody with sense saw this coming a mile off. They got third party support at launch because developers could shovel some old ports onto the system quickly but as the Wii, GameCube and N64 demonstrated, third party games do not sell on Nintendo hardware and once again third party publishers are abandoning Nintendo.

I can't believe people actually expected it to be different this time round, nevermind that some were crazy enough to think third party support would continue once the next PlayStation and Xbox release.

phantomexe1962d ago

OK it's not that i care all that much but i'm going use some common sense or alittle logic. These games like CV have been in delopment for a while so one would think that starting delopment on another game being it's not so easy to port games staight to the wii u..... would cost more time. Just seems preety simple as i remember ff13.

You guys love to get your panties in a bunch....My bad jimbob this was ment for all.

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I_am_Batman1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I agree. I thought that Nintendo could get more third party support early on. They miss out on some important third party games like Bioshock Infinite. If Nintendo can't get these third party games they probably won't get the hardcore gamers. It will be interessting to see if games like Bayonetta 2 (exclusive to Wii-U) will sell at all on a Nintendo console.

N4g_null1962d ago

The better question is will it come to the Grid by nvidia.

All of the sudden nintendo doesn't need direct ports just ports from other services like Nvidia's grid.

I mean come on not many people can afford 200 teraflop gaming. This service along makes the power struggle a moot point.

After tvii you can see nintendo is open to this model and The GRID is license-able.

Out of all the cloud gaming services I think Nvida may have the right idea...

jmc88881961d ago

I laugh at the ignorance, short memory, and overall mindless assertions people are laying at the feet of the Wii U.

See maybe most of you were stuck playing PS2/xbox when their successors came out. But when they did.....there were games...for the same reason...came out on PS2 and XBOX and NOT 360 or PS3.

Did you get that? Do I need to repeat it? Which means the same thing will happen on what? Wii U?

...and what? PS4 and 720.

So why is the Wii U doomed for having the same problems EVERY console has?

Please people, use your brains and try to remember the wasn't that long ago.

It's simple business. 200 million or so consoles/PC's OR 2 million Wii U's. Which one is a company light on funds...i.e. these days MOST small and mid size devs....going to focus on?

Same thing will happen as games are passed over 720/PS4 to be made on 360/PS3. Because making it on the other system too soon might destroy the dev. It will happen.

People are fools if they think the 720/PS4 will be much stronger than the Wii U. It's simply impossible. But don't tell that to the people who don't understand hardware. They won't believe you. To them the past is prologue.

They can't see a situation where PC's use 700-1500 watts of power and 1000-2000 in parts to achieve what it does.

They think they can put those parts in a small little box and somehow it'll only draw 250 watts and only cost $400. ROFL. Keep dreaming. Oh and they're going to throw in a Kinect 2 with hand manipulator...yet combined with thousands of dollars of PC'll only cost $399 and the MS talked with GOD and said...GOD we need this to only use 250 watts...we can't pack 700-1500 into a small little box without having RROD style issues.

Fact is, Wii U won't be far behind. It's bang for the buck. Want something more powerful? It's going to cost exponentially more and use exponentially more power. In other words...lots more money and lots more power....for not much more performance.

Wii U will be fine, and some people need to know the limits of hardware, and simple business 101.

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Godchild10201963d ago

I agree with others on twitter, why bring the prequel to the 3DS and not bring the sequel to Nintendo's home console.

TimeSkipLuffy1963d ago

I guess the 3DS version is simply no port but has been developed with less costs. That is why developers like the DS system. It's cheap & fast to develop for. And still sell good. While for the Vita the dev costs could be higher than what they could possibly earn... T__T

jaosobno1963d ago

The reason is simple. 3DS is a successful handheld. WiiU software attach rate is horrible and 3rd parties already started giving up on it.

1963d ago
chukamachine1962d ago

3ds is only a successful handheld because it had to go cheap enough for those with a ds to upgrade to a 3ds.

If the 3ds did not play ds games, it would not have sold.

Catoplepas1963d ago

My commiserations to any Wii U only owners.

Still, can't wait for the game. The original was terrific.

sdozzo1963d ago

Yeah, I loved the first one. Can't wait.

BanBrother1963d ago

Terrific. Funny word. Did you know that the word means very good, whilst another meaning for it is the exact opposite; very bad/unpleasant. The more you know.

Sucks for Wii U only owners, but I think that the tables will turn (or at least the sad faces will) when HD Zelda and Metroid come out.

The Wii U looks to be in a bad position, as Devs want to push out their games for the 360 and PS3 with large install bases, whilst also looking into next gen (PS3-360).

Early days, but still funny considering I played most of the Castlevania's on a Nintendo system.

OmegaSlayer1963d ago

I won't commiserate WiiU owners, because every single one of them is happy for their Marios, Zeldas and whatevs, so...who cares.
Besides the point that I never really liked any Nintendo characters and games I don't think a console deserves to be bought without at least 5 games/franchise you can play on it.

I died to play Mass Effect 1 and the Gears Of War trilogy but it wasn't enough to justify the purchase of a 360 imho and I don't care about jaggies or missing, I guess early WiiU adopters know that their system will collect dust except when Nintendo games will come out.

If they have the money to shill, why should I care or commiserate?

ZoidsRaven1963d ago

........... And they want Nintendo gamers to buy the 3ds LOS game? LOL WUT? -_-'
I will, but only because I have a PS3. Not all Nintendo gamers have a PS3 (or a 360).
If 3rd party devs want Nintendo fans/gamers money they should stop treating them like they only deserve spin-offs, sloppy ports and remakes, because not all of them are muti-brand gamers.
I'll buy the two games for my 3ds and PS3 (hope it's fun), but 3rd parties have got to stop that (it's just as bad as Capcom's RE 'tests' on the Wii).

Fin.. 7_7

Godchild10201963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

I wonder how well will the 3DS version do (I expect a million at least), seeing how the sequel won't make it onto Nintendo's home console.

Will the lack of sales, if it doesn't do well, force them to port it over to the Vita or the PSN/XBLA and Eshop to make up any loses?

I guess the real question is, will it really play a part on how well the 3DS version sells? The game is releasing way ahead of the home consoles version, so I don't expect to have a real major effect.

ZoidsRaven1963d ago

If that's what Konami is trying to do with Castlevania for the 3ds, they should just learn from Capcom's example.

If it's successful the first time (not that I think Konami will be as successful as Capcom's RE 'tests' for the Wii), stop the tests.... 7_7

Smashbro291963d ago

Call me when they make a real Castlevania game.

RogueStatus281963d ago

Mirror of Fate for the 3DS.

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