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Xcom: Enemy Unknown Next DLCs To Be Free

"X-Com: Enemy Unknown is a turn based tactical game developed by Fireaxis Games and published by 2k Games released back in October: the game is the latest entry of the long running X-Com franchise and a remake of the first game of the series called X-Com: Ufo Defense." (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, XCOM: Enemy Unknown)

dazzrazz  +   622d ago
You hardly can call it a DLC ! It was suppose to be there in the 1st place :D
Blackdeath_663  +   622d ago
would have really sucked if they made you pay for those basic feature besides if anything this is a patch not a DLC. talking about patching they have alot of it to, xcom is the buggiest game i have played since..well..all of the Bethesda games.
soundslike  +   622d ago
You mean like they made people pay for the visual customization

One of the most obvious missing features though, is the animation for a close range kill shot. There should be an execution style premade animation but instead you shoot in the opposite direction...
Dark_Overlord  +   622d ago
"This new batch of DLC is free for all versions of the console due to a specific decision of the team: these options were supposed to be in the main game but there wasn’t enough time for testing."

So they're basically admitting they rushed it out the door? No wonder the game has some annoying glitches
BanBrother  +   622d ago
Haha c'mon guys, give them a break. At least they aren't charging 800ms points like the 2mb patch in Halo Wars.

Great tip for developers; cut some content from a game, and later give it to people for 'free'. It puts you in the good books with the naive and stupid. EA pulled it off with ME3 just fine.

Xcom is a good game though, glad to see good new IP's last year (Sleeping Dogs, Dishonored). Although Xcom isn't exactly new, it was great for console gamers at least.
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Lvl_up_gamer  +   622d ago
I agree.

Xcom was very fun. I am trying to talk my brother in getting it.

Yes there are some bugs but the biggest are on PC. I haven't noticed too many on the console version.

Love the game. A refreshing difference from the constant FPS.
sonicsidewinder  +   622d ago
When patches go under the guise of dlc, the gaming world will shake.

Richter, 7.5.
AllroundGamer  +   622d ago
lol so more Options in the Menu is now passing as DLC? :DD oh thank you so much dear developers, that you made it free :)
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