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Dear Far Cry 3: Here’s why nobody wants to engage with your story

After Far Cry 3 was launched, the game’s lead writer Jeffrey Yohalem was disappointed that nobody seemed to be engaging with the story. Yohalem made further claims in interviews such as this excellent one with Rock, Paper, Shotgun that “to explain this story you need more than a soundbite, and I feel like a lot of people just glancingly looked at the thing and then got upset. They didn’t actually explore the whole game.”

So why might a player not be convinced to explore the whole game? Why might they stop at the surface and just write it off rather than going deeper? Maybe this is why… (Far Cry 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

hilmart  +   968d ago
I had tons of fun with this thing. Didn't bother with mutli-player though. I found the gameplay to be rather fun and the story to be good, not great, but good.
Games4ever  +   968d ago
Agree 100%. Had great time with this game. And for me, it was the best game of 2012.
Ares84HU  +   968d ago
I don't know what this "journalist" is talking about. I thought that the story was amazing and the characters were amazingly good especially Voss.
wallis  +   968d ago
Far cry 3's a good game, and Vaas is expertly acted but I found the story so embarrassing it actually made it very hard for me to keep playing despite loving the core gameplay so much. I imagine what I'd have to say makes far cry 3's writing so salient is that it's terrible compared to everything else. Voice acting and script is good but how they're used in the plot is just.... I mean the way you kill Vaas is rubbish, the player character is abysmal, as are all of his friends, and it bites into the same stupid Racist Imperial Hero's journey we've been grinding since Tarzan and Pocahontas.

The writer tries to sell it as a parody of the usual "white guy saves the day" but he was astoundingly lazy in doing so. He makes no novel observations, no interesting points on it at all, he just follows the exact same conventions he claims he's mocking with a stoney faced obedience that makes CoD look liberal. His 'parody' over shot and it results in a story line that's both rich and bland.

This article is basically talking about this in combination with the writer's childish attempts to defend the storyline. No matter how much you enjoyed it or how much we argue that's what this article is about and he's right. The writer didn't fail because he wasn't incompetent - he achieved something great with Vaas but he failed to actually do anything with him. The Joker was so unsettling because he represented the force acting against the 'social contract' but Vaas ends up being little more than a stand in villain by the end of the story when he had enough charisma to be a force of nature - gaming's very own Joker. But we didn't get that. We got a white guy stabbing him before running off going "WOOO BROOOOOOOOO".

Seriously the writing is lazy. A dark tale of psychological horror where the protagonist faces the hideous and ugly truth of his own hostility to other human beings shouldn't be little more than a checklist on either side of a divide. Oh killing is bad...oh wait I blew up a car now I kind of like it.

Deeper down the rabbit hole my ass.
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bigfish  +   968d ago
Superb game, story was unique and believable and hugely immersive, game of this generation for me. any body who hates this game is a sheep following other jealous and begrudging people because they cant believe that UbiSoft could create such a masterpiece.
Autodidactdystopia  +   968d ago
well i liked the game, and i wasnt expecting a shakespearean masterpiece and i didnt get one but i sure as hell had a lot more fun than I did with many other games this year.
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gorebago  +   968d ago
The story for this game was just right. I'm had a blast with it.

I can't remember the last game where I hallucinated, fought some ink demon and woke up copulating with a beautiful island priestess.
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kiz2694  +   968d ago
nobody?? this article is insulting, im no nobody! I love the story, it starts with you just being a weak college grat to becoming a strong hardcore warrior on the path of revenge! I embraced the story massively!
MilkMan  +   968d ago
This game is THE BEST (SURVIVALIST) SHOOTER in the market.
The BEST in class.
One of the BEST stories I've had the pleasure of playing in my long gaming career and by far of the BEST co-op experiences I've had in the last 9 months.
If this game hasn't sold upwards of 4 million copies I would SERIOUSLY re-examine the state of gaming and start checking for parachutes cause we may be experiencing a free-fall, where the gaming market starts crashing.
krazykombatant  +   968d ago
the best SURVIVALIST shooter??? LOOOOL ok.
Eiffel  +   968d ago
It's a great shooter, but other than that Ubisoft toned it down compared to Far Cry 2. The lack of weapon deterioration made fighting enemies a breeze with little consequence, the health system is pretty much a light god mode even when you're out of syringes you can simply bandage yourself up and you're back at full bars every time.

As I said it is a great shooter albeit streamlined but as far as "survivalist shooters" go, Far Cry 2, Fallout 3 and New Vegas on hardcore make it pale in comparison in the survival category.
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g-nome  +   968d ago
After 20 hrs in having so much fun taking over bases and hunting wild animals ... the story i do not care too much about , it is after all just an excuse to do crazy things in an exotic place, just like Just Cause 2 was.
Shane Kim  +   968d ago
Couldn't agree more. I'm not trying to be a total dick here...but it's just your typical american shooter where one guy, with no military training at all, murdering this whole island with top educated guerilla soldiers.

It was a fun game, but the story was kind of lame.

The characters themselves were pretty interesting though. Specially Vaas ;)
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Abriael  +   968d ago
Guess I must be "nobody" as well.

They should put a report option for "idiotic headline to grab hits"
Games4ever  +   968d ago
And Far Cry 3 Also had two of the most interesting personalities seen in a game. Award goes to: Vass and Citra.
Quiescent  +   968d ago
I concur with Mr. Wong
hennessey86  +   968d ago
I enjoyed the story
Overall farcry 3 is excellent
franko  +   968d ago
Great story. Great game. Period.
Monstar   968d ago | Bad language | show
th3n00bg4m3r  +   968d ago
The story is meh in my opinion.
Saving a bunch of lame characters trapped in an island. Sorry , didn't 'do' it for me.
rustyspoon80  +   968d ago
I've not finished the whole game so cant fully comment but so far the missions are repetitive. Scan base with binoculars, slowly eliminate all soldiers, then collect/switch whatever needs to be done. Hopefully things pick up later on. There's been no challenge so far. Oddly I found Dead Island more interesting.

Fallout is easily better with much more to do.
Alos88  +   968d ago
Gotta love it when a headline assumes everyone will agree with it, apparently "nobody" must mean "quite a few people".
Phoenix76  +   968d ago
Who the hell approves these dumb-arse articles on n4g??? Jesus Christ!!! This guy must be trying to win the award for the 'most over the top bullshit article of the year' and its only the 8th of jan!!!!
chukamachine  +   968d ago
I actually enjoyed farcry3.

Great gameplay, story was good for an openworld type game.

Games like crysis, fail story hard.
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urwifeminder  +   968d ago
I cant get into singleplayer i dont think ill ever finish it.
Tzuno  +   968d ago
i have seen this kind of game before no thank you good luck with your tastes.
OniXRuleZ  +   968d ago
one of the best and biggest games os this gen! i dont get haters some times! they need to get a life!
League_of_Draven  +   968d ago
Because the story sucks. I don't see why anyone would play it for the story anyway.
extermin8or  +   968d ago
Hmmm I found the story great right up to that silly decision at the end that just felt pushed in and stupid tbh...
aliengmr  +   968d ago
Who played FC3 for the story? Really? Did anyone rational gamer actually think that FC3 was going to be a milestone in video game storytelling?

It really doesn't matter if the story is great or it sucks, its not that important to begin with. And if you bought it expecting some epic story, that's your problem.

I personally thought the narrative served its purpose.
crackforgangstas  +   968d ago
I wish he would have written an actual article. This whole conversation made me feel more stupid after reading it.
Psychotica  +   968d ago
I thought the story was just right. I wanted a game with a lot of action and exploration, not a lot of talking.

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