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"I’ve been playing a lot of Call of Duty recently, which isn’t strange. What’s strange is that I’ve been playing it on the Wii U. It used to be that if a multiplatform game came out, there was no question what system I was going to buy it for. The Xbox 360 was the obvious choice for a number of reasons but the biggest one was Xbox Live. For a single player game I still wanted to be connected to my friends list and for a multiplayer game, well that’s where all my friends are.", writes PennyArcade.

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Gr811989d ago

Heard many positives from Wii U's first CoD game.

millzy1021989d ago

its because its awesome, i delayed buying it for my ps3 so i could get it on wii u (mainly to test fast paced online gaming on a nintendo system) and im extremely happy with my choice of platform, split screen is no more, me and my bro both have a screen each (one on gamepad, one on tv) with no noticable lag or frame rate drops when both players are online, when my mrs watches her shitty programs i play it on the gamepad, then when she finished watching whatever shit it is I boot up my ps3 and play farcry 3. i can game all the time without being ignorant, havn't used my vita in weeks because of this feature, the only reason i play my 3ds a little bit is because im halfway through master quest 3d, ive been meaning to compleate master quest for ages but i cant take my wii u to work so my 3ds comes with me.

Neonridr1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

The only downside to the Wii U version was the lack of Stereoscopic 3D support. I realize that is kind of a stupid feature, but I loved playing Black Ops 1 on the 360 in 3D, so I was hoping for the same here. For some reason Treyarch decided to not include the feature on the Wii U version which is beyond me since Ubisoft included the 3D feature for AC3 on all platforms including the Wii U. Laziness I guess on the parts of Treyarch.

Other than that, the game plays fine and I am having a blast with it on my Wii U.

1upgamer991989d ago

I for one wish I had not bought COD for my PS3 as I rented it for Wii U and Wii U is hands down better. Not because it looks prettier, But multi-player same room both on line. The gamepad even alone makes this game way cool. There is nothing wrong with my PS3 version, but the Wii U gives you more ways to play, alone or with friends.

sway_z1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Looks awesome...!!

I think this is one of the Wii U's main strengths and Nintendo need to shout a lot louder about features not (Currently) available on any other system.

I'm more than happy with Sony franchises and have always gone with the PlayStation brand for the games...but features like this interest me.

I'll see what happens during 2013 (Hopefully E3 PS4 announcement) to decide whether Wii U will be the other 'next gen' console that will join my inevitable PS4 purchase.....providing Sony don't announce anything too radical Eg. anti-used games security etc

Roll on summertime!!

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The story is too old to be commented.