"Hanna" Scribe to Pen Shadow of the Colossus Film Adaption

Seth Lochhead has been named the screenwriter for the Shadow of the Colossus project. Lochhead is best known as the co-screenwriter of Hanna, based on an original story developed in his early 20s and will be joining director Josh Trank, best known for heading up last year's Chronicle.

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sinncross1902d ago

Hanna was a very decent watch I believe.

Hopes for this have gone up.

no_more_heroes1902d ago

There's gonna be a movie of this? Intriguing. I bought this Ico collection last month, though I haven't gotten to play it much yet 'cuz I flew out to my home country, the one and only Jamaica, a few days later.

This shall be remedied post-haste.

BitbyDeath1901d ago

Didn't even know this movie was on the cards.