I'm Not Seeing A Lack Of Quality Or Innovation This Generation

It seems like a lot of people are complaining an AWFUL lot these days. Declining quality, not enough originality, etc. But is all that really true...?

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pangitkqb2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

People like to complain and will find a way to do so no matter what. I have thoroughly enjoyed the current generation of gaming.

With a growing indie scene and titles like Little Big Planet, Minecraft, Portal, Journey, The Unfinished Swan, FTL, and literally hundreds of others on PC alone, innovation is alive and kicking. You just have to look past the surface of expensive marketing and BOOM, a world of new experiences is waiting.

I'm glad somebody out there has taken the time to point out why we should complain less and be grateful more. It is a great time to be a gamer.

room4142020d ago

Absolutely, i've been gaming since the first gen and to me it just keeps getting better. I think there are a lot of people out there whose judgement is clouded by nostalgia.

smashcrashbash2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

But the fact still remains that it is no longer accepted as it once was and there is less if it then their once was along with the willingness to do so.If a game wants to be outside the box or completely out there it usually has to be an indie game that doesn't cost too much money. If not it is ignored and scorned.Not like long ago.Do you think games like Parppa the Rapper,Medevil and Kid Icarus for example would be as accepted as they once were unless they were indie games? If Parppa never existed back then and the same developer came up to a modern gamer now and told them it was a rhythm game about a cartoon dog rapping they would ask 'Is that on PSN/Xbox Live' and if it was a full priced game most people would shrug it off and say 'Why would I pay for that $hit?'That is the attitude of modern gamers and the very reason that developers don't take many risk because them and their own attitudes. Unless you are selling a new type of game for cheap no one wants to hear it.

Like I was telling someone before, in older gaming times you could come up with a chef riding a dinosaur shooting demon vegetables from the center of the earth with a pie bazooka and gamers would perk up their ears and say 'that sounds interesting'. But a modern gamer's response most likely would be 'Is that a PSN game? If it is I am not paying more then three dollars for it and if it is a full priced retail game I won't buy it' even if it is better then any of the same crap they buy every year.

So it's not so much the lack of quality or innovation of a game that is the problem it is the reluctance to accept them over the mainstream.And if people don't really want it why should the developer care either? They toss us a innovative bone every now and again to keep us quiet then go back to making exactly what they were making before. The game that everyone wanted gets the money and attention and the game that people were reluctant to accept dies out and barely anyone notices. The mainstream game gets the money and the bold outside the box game gets kicked under the couch and no one except a few people even noticed or cared.An the developer is happy because they barely paid attention to it either and got their money from the mainstream games.

And then everyone claims that innovation is adding a few new levels or some story plot or some new weapons or making the sand and water look more realistic.And when you point that out people say 'Stop complaining.There is innovation and creativity'. Yeah, that barely anyone buys.People claim they want change and newness but even step one foot off the usual formula and most people go ballistic.Unless it is an indie game. That's okay you can think,invent and twist those games all you want with those as long as you don't make it above a couple of bucks.That is not how it should be at all. Innovation, actual innovation, should not have to be cheap or indie to get your attention.Kid Icarus,Parappa,Ape Escape and Medevil were not cheap games and still got peoples' attention.People for example are already putting down Puppeteer for being a full priced game and wondering why it isn't a PSN game. Why? Because it is different and an attempt at some sort of innovation.And because of that it won't sell very well. Why? Because it looks like a bad game? No. Because it is different and doesn't cost pocket change.

Y_51502020d ago

Didn't read it all but I skim through some of it and I agree. :P

TryMe2020d ago

I don't think that's true at all.

Maybe the retail side, the big budget games, have become safe in some respect...

But indie games that are on psn/xbla/steam are some of the most innovative types of games a person can play.

Y_51502020d ago

If you are a gamer that only buys what is popular aka mainstream then innovation will really seem far in between. Hopefully I'm not a fanboy because most of my PS3 library are PlayStaion exclusives but I do feel that they have shown innovation and quality at every corner this generation. I could live with just Playstation exclusives and Nintendo exclusives.

Blackdeath_6632020d ago

agreed, ps3 has really provided something different here and there games like journey was really refreshing and broke the monotony of playing yet another FPS, yet another AC game so on and so forth. the best thing is they are still innovating with games like Beyond:two souls which can really change motion capture in games AND movies by accurately capturing facial expression and eyeball movement using just muscle twitches as opposed to before where they had to record eye movement and face separately using a camera (like they did in avatar).