Jolt: First Seven Games from XNA Creators Club

Microsoft has opened the flood gates to independent developers. Jolt Online Gaming looks at the first seven trial games available right now: The Dishwasher, JellyCar, Culture, Little Gamers, ProximityHD, Rocketball, and TriLinea.

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Dr Pepper3949d ago

I really like the Dishwasher. It has a lot of depth to the fighting for an arcade title and is really fun overall.

Ri0tSquad3948d ago

It looks great and plays really fun as well.

ArmrdChaos3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

when the hell is Dishwasher going to be available for purchase??? I hope they don't have it on the same timeline like they did for Castle Crashers...that game has taken forever to come out. Both are buys for me.

Skerj3948d ago

Dishwasher was the only one worth playing.

Dareaver13948d ago

at first i wasn't even gonna give Jelly Car a chance, but hey, since it's free, i thought why not. I found myself lost for about an hour constantly trying to beat my time, then there is Little Gamer. I just like it's mindless sense of violence, i like it when they brought out the shotguns, it got real fun after that. But that skyscraper part was hard as hell.

And i do agree with you, Dishwasher was awesome, i can't wait until it's available for purchase, i want to play the other levels.