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Could the PS4 be a Trojan Horse for Sony’s Cable TV Killer?

The main topic of conversation by Seb and Dan is all about the long-standing rumor that Sony is working on a internet-based Cable TV alternative, after further rumors circulated last week, but they also covered all the hottest news as well as Dan’s wedding to his sister and Seb’s blackout. Plus, we announce all the winners from previous competitions – did you win?
-Bad Gamers (Next-Gen, PS Vita, PS3)

TrendyGamers  +   783d ago
This one isn't as Bad as the last one.
Obnoxious_Informer  +   783d ago
They're all pretty bad, the English are infuriating to listen to.
Heisenburger  +   783d ago
What dialect are you speaking in right now? I hate(love) to break it to you bub, but YOU(me also) are the one with the 'funny accent'.

Learn a book.(snl reference)
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   783d ago

There are a variety of different accents in England. Don't be so ignorant as too assume we all sound the same.

There are many different city's in England, most with their own unique accent.
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Foolsjoker  +   783d ago
As each PlayStation has been a method to push a form of media, it does make me wonder what the PS4 will be pushing?
nevin1  +   783d ago
On paper yes but Sony never really pushes the non gaming features of PSs.

MSoft does a better job at it.
Belking  +   783d ago
"On paper yes but Sony never really pushes the non gaming features of PSs."

That's a pretty laughable claim and totally false..crazy Ken did it all the time. Plus,ever heard of:

"PS3 it only does everything"

"Sony Chief Calls PS3 More than a Console"

I think that covers non gaming features pretty well. Sony has always pushed the non gaming features of ps3...particularly Blu-Ray.

I do believe MS does a better job at it though because they realized early on where consoles and the industry is headed. Looks like they may have been right.
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Foolsjoker  +   783d ago | Well said
Explain to me how that statement makes sense?

PS1 - Compact Disc
PS3 - BluRay
PS4 - ?

Xbox - ?
Xbox 360 - ? XBL?
Xbox 720 - ?
NastyLeftHook0  +   783d ago
nevin...i am disappointed.
GribbleGrunger  +   783d ago
That's simply because Sony actually HAS games to push. Everyone takes it for granted that the PS3 does everything else (and I'm being serious there). MS have been pushing the media side of the 360 because they have very little else to advertise.
wenaldy  +   783d ago
Such as????
Kevin ButIer  +   783d ago

Shure, MS gave a big and effective push to this big boy...

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Oh_Yeah  +   782d ago
More non gamers buy a ps3 than 360...because of the blue ray and it doesn't require an annual fee just to access netflix, YouTube etc. This can be proven if you look at sales.. Notice how games on 360 always outsell their ps3 counterpart yet ps3 and 360 are very close in hardware sales. Many ps3 purchases were made just as a blue ray player/ media streamer and many ps3s were bought by gamers just for Sony exclusives. Who would buy a 360 for a media hub or just for exclusives? Lol I'm sure the number isn't as great as the ps3s.
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dbjj12088  +   783d ago
Streaming. Lots of digital distribution too.
BitbyDeath  +   783d ago
Probably 4K for movies/pics etc
Cloud.. Anything they pay $380 for they will push..

1/3rd of 1.9Billion(Which is $633M) more is being invested into developing gaikai even more.


They will push the cloud.
In fact this whole tv service is supposed to stream via broadband.
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TheOpposition  +   783d ago
I hope the PS4 pushes "Easy development"
dbjj12088  +   783d ago
All this PS4 talk needs one thing: a countdown clock.
GribbleGrunger  +   783d ago
LOL. I love these headlines.

'Could the PS4 be a Trojan Horse for Sony's cable killer?'

Firstly, it's a huge leap from absolutely NO knowledge of what the PS4 is going to be like. Secondly, the use of 'Trojan Horse' is a great way of suggestion subterfuge. Why can't it just be a neat feature if it has got this? Blu-ray was a nice feature, but the PS3 was labelled a 'Trojan Horse' for Blu-ray. Wasn't it just a neat feature? Thirdly, 'cable killer' elevates it's potential to a status it can't possibly live up to so that disappointment and condemnation are assured. This headline is a beaut.
WeAreLegion  +   783d ago
Quiescent  +   783d ago
RuleofOne343  +   783d ago

Explain to me how that statement makes sense?

PS1 - Compact Disc
PS3 - BluRay
PS4 - ?

Xbox- 1)The Xbox was the first console offered by an American company after the Atari Jaguar stopped sales in 1996. 2) integrated Xbox Live service launched in November 2002 allowed players to play games online with a broadband connection 3)The Xbox was the first video game console to feature a built-in hard disk drive 4)The Xbox was the first video game console to feature a built-in hard disk drive

Xbox360- Summer of arcade, kinect, Dashboard, Xbox Smart Glass

*XBOX* - No one knows or has a clue cause everything out there is pure speculation or hearsay, Rumour. So till it release we will not know
porkChop  +   783d ago
The Xbox was NOT the first console to play online via broadband, so that doesn't even matter. And it being the first American console since the Jaguar has nothing to do with the topic, neither does Summer of Arcade, or the dashboard, or Kinect, or Smart Glass, or even the Xbox being the first to have a built in hard drive. None of that matters as it all has nothing to do with what they were talking about.

They were talking about the fact that PlayStation consoles have always pushed new forms of media, as in optical media. The PS1 had CD-ROM, the PS2 had DVD, the PSP had UMD, and the PS3 has Blu Ray. As for the PS4, it will still be Blu Ray. Why? Because there's no need for anything else. There are Blu Ray discs that can hold up to 1TB of data.
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RuleofOne343  +   782d ago
Weather large or not they are still innovated concept brought fore, Sorry my preference is Xbox not PS3 .
Belking  +   783d ago
Also xbox36/kinect is first and only console that uses biometrics to identify you and sign you into a online profile.

Xbox 360 was also the first console to hit the market with an integrated wireless control system. (Without the extra attachments)

Also was the first HD console introduced.


I think his response was to the question marks.Playstation has it's milestones but so do the Xbox and xbox360.
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cee773  +   783d ago
xbox 360 was also the first console to:

*Eat games and dvd's

*Have high failure rates way beyond industry standards (over 33%)

*First Gimped HD console (Arcade Model)

*sound like A jet engine

*First HD console without HDMI

*Make you rent services within services Internet Explorer, Netflix, Hulu etc.(I added this one for those who hate on PS+ but but you just rent the games lol.)

XBOX 360 really set the bar.

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scofios  +   783d ago

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pedroyamato  +   783d ago
The ps4 will have 18 cores, each 5 gigahertz, 1 tera of RAM and 150 tera of SSD. It will have 3 disc drive slots so you will be able to play 3 differents games at the same time, all 4K and 3D. It will have a hyper-ultra-thunder-mega-fast wireless connection with the vita, so you will be able to play LBP kart with all the 3 ppl you know that owns a vita!! It will also be able to internet, watch youtube, play games, porn and make hot cakes (using the sonys new tech playstation built-in oven)at the same time!

Only for +9000 USD!
th3n00bg4m3r  +   783d ago
What the heck is that?
PLAYWATCH  +   783d ago
Stefanrules7  +   783d ago
The next Xbox will feature a 1gb hard drive with the option of expansion of 1gb for 20 dollars capped at 500gb. Xbl will have a three tier system 1- third world servers that give you the African gaming experience for only 50$ per year. 2-normal speeds for a cool 300$ per year or for a true next gen experience try tier 3 which gives you speeds from South Korea at only 5000$ per year + 10$ every time you log into Xbox live. Have no worries with warranty either as you can enjoy a good month of gaming before you have to get a new system for full price . And for those of you concerned about the noise of the Xbox have no worries as there is the classic jet engine sound returning that we have all grown to love in the past few years but if you don't like sounds resembling a busy industrial factory then purchase the Xbox silencer for only 1000$ which gets rid of all noisy sounds from the Xbox. For those of you worrying about these high prices , no need to worry because they're necessary so we can keep bringing you the most vital feature in the gaming industry , cod map packs 1 month early at full price from activision. :)
RandomDude655  +   783d ago
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pedroyamato  +   783d ago
Oh nooooo, the haters down voting meee

They must be normal ppl that cant see ps4 is the machine sent by GOD and Kaz Hirai is the MESSIAHHHHH.

PS4 will be released at the same day vita will reach 1 billions units sales!!!! So everyone will sing the song of god: IT IS RIIIIIIIIIIDGE RAAAACERRRRRRR
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RuleofOne343  +   782d ago
Didn't know GOD had bad eyes & was vertically challenged .
DonMingos  +   782d ago
@Pedroyamato, I wonder what is your real N4G account, as this one is clearly the one you use to troll.

People with so much hate towards a gaming company and it's gamers should have no place at N4G.
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