Could the PS4 be a Trojan Horse for Sony’s Cable TV Killer?

The main topic of conversation by Seb and Dan is all about the long-standing rumor that Sony is working on a internet-based Cable TV alternative, after further rumors circulated last week, but they also covered all the hottest news as well as Dan’s wedding to his sister and Seb’s blackout. Plus, we announce all the winners from previous competitions – did you win?
-Bad Gamers

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TrendyGamers2019d ago

This one isn't as Bad as the last one.

Obnoxious_Informer2019d ago

They're all pretty bad, the English are infuriating to listen to.

Heisenburger2019d ago

What dialect are you speaking in right now? I hate(love) to break it to you bub, but YOU(me also) are the one with the 'funny accent'.

Learn a book.(snl reference)

HarryMasonHerpderp2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )


There are a variety of different accents in England. Don't be so ignorant as too assume we all sound the same.

There are many different city's in England, most with their own unique accent.

Foolsjoker2019d ago

As each PlayStation has been a method to push a form of media, it does make me wonder what the PS4 will be pushing?

nevin12019d ago

On paper yes but Sony never really pushes the non gaming features of PSs.

MSoft does a better job at it.

Belking2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

"On paper yes but Sony never really pushes the non gaming features of PSs."

That's a pretty laughable claim and totally false..crazy Ken did it all the time. Plus,ever heard of:

"PS3 it only does everything"

"Sony Chief Calls PS3 More than a Console"

I think that covers non gaming features pretty well. Sony has always pushed the non gaming features of ps3...particularly Blu-Ray.

I do believe MS does a better job at it though because they realized early on where consoles and the industry is headed. Looks like they may have been right.

Foolsjoker2019d ago

Explain to me how that statement makes sense?

PS1 - Compact Disc
PS3 - BluRay
PS4 - ?

Xbox - ?
Xbox 360 - ? XBL?
Xbox 720 - ?

GribbleGrunger2019d ago

That's simply because Sony actually HAS games to push. Everyone takes it for granted that the PS3 does everything else (and I'm being serious there). MS have been pushing the media side of the 360 because they have very little else to advertise.

Kevin ButIer2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )


Shure, MS gave a big and effective push to this big boy...

Oh_Yeah2018d ago (Edited 2018d ago )

More non gamers buy a ps3 than 360...because of the blue ray and it doesn't require an annual fee just to access netflix, YouTube etc. This can be proven if you look at sales.. Notice how games on 360 always outsell their ps3 counterpart yet ps3 and 360 are very close in hardware sales. Many ps3 purchases were made just as a blue ray player/ media streamer and many ps3s were bought by gamers just for Sony exclusives. Who would buy a 360 for a media hub or just for exclusives? Lol I'm sure the number isn't as great as the ps3s.

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dbjj120882019d ago

Streaming. Lots of digital distribution too.

BitbyDeath2019d ago

Probably 4K for movies/pics etc

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Cloud.. Anything they pay $380 for they will push..

1/3rd of 1.9Billion(Which is $633M) more is being invested into developing gaikai even more.

They will push the cloud.
In fact this whole tv service is supposed to stream via broadband.

TheOpposition2018d ago

I hope the PS4 pushes "Easy development"

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dbjj120882019d ago

All this PS4 talk needs one thing: a countdown clock.

GribbleGrunger2019d ago

LOL. I love these headlines.

'Could the PS4 be a Trojan Horse for Sony's cable killer?'

Firstly, it's a huge leap from absolutely NO knowledge of what the PS4 is going to be like. Secondly, the use of 'Trojan Horse' is a great way of suggestion subterfuge. Why can't it just be a neat feature if it has got this? Blu-ray was a nice feature, but the PS3 was labelled a 'Trojan Horse' for Blu-ray. Wasn't it just a neat feature? Thirdly, 'cable killer' elevates it's potential to a status it can't possibly live up to so that disappointment and condemnation are assured. This headline is a beaut.

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