What if Sony Bought THQ’s Portfolio?

IGN:If the PlayStation brand has a considerable strength over its rivals, it’s in the realm of exclusives. Those exclusives are created by Sony’s 12 fully-owned studios, and they come to both PlayStation 3 and (more recently) PlayStation Vita with regularity, helping to differentiate PlayStation’s ecosystems from its competitors.

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NYC_Gamer1896d ago

I believe THQ franchises should remain 3rd party and enjoyed on multi-platforms....

SolDojo1896d ago

I begrudgingly agree, as I tend to play all the THQ franchises on PC, and Sony does not put it's first party titles on PC.

So I vote no.

But I understand the allure of the idea completely. Especially in an environment where we wonder if the franchises are dead now...

ABizzel11895d ago

I don't see how any of them will help Sony's business. They're all good game, but none that would be must have titles, in which case they're better off being under a 3rd party publishers / developer.

sinncross1896d ago

I think the ideas presented in the article are way too safe...

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Hingle_Mcringleberry1896d ago

Only to be shut down some time later? What's the point?

Elwenil1896d ago

Agreed. Sony has a habit of closing down under-performing studios and right now that's pretty much the definition of THQ.

Outside_ofthe_Box1896d ago

You do realize they are talking about franchises and not studios right? Or did you just jump the gun and turned a blind eye to that because it's Sony?

Ezz20131896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

sony closed a 3 useless studios who made no many for them and didn't score that good
and the guys who work in those studios gone to other 1st party studios sony own
they didn't fire them

and on the other hand they bought 3 other studios who are damn awesome like Sp(infamous)/MM(LBP)/ES(motors torm)

is that wrong to you ?!

DOMination-1895d ago

Sony needs new studios. They have got complacent this gen because in recent years theyve had an exclusives monopoly and most of those games have been damn good.

But with all the closures and mergers they are down to 12 whilst Nintendo are as strong as ever and MS have quietley been buying up for next gen (they now own 21)

I just hope they stay ahead of the game

Hingle_Mcringleberry1895d ago

Bro, check your sources!
First off, Liverpool were not a useless studio, and their games scored very well consistently. Sony turned them into a WipeOut only studio and instead of giving the franchise a rest, they decided to sack a bunch of people and merge the rest into other studios. Don't kid yourself, people lost their jobs!
As for Zipper, they all lost their jobs, lets not even try sugar coat that one. Google it and educate yourself.
Bigbig was pretty useless, I'll give you that.
This myth that SONY don't fire people, they merge them into other studios is hogwash.

TheKindRoost1896d ago

SONY should acquire warhammer 40k and give it a planetside 2 treatment.

Godchild10201896d ago

Wasn't there suppose to be an Warhammer MMO, that was going to be release after the release of the console games?

I believe Sony would be the best out of the big 3 to get these IPs, if it was to fall into one of their hands. They have the first Party Studios that can handle the IPS and give them the treatment they deserve.

I really wish THQ wasn't in this predicament, they have brought some great IPS this gen, they just didn't get the sales they deserve.

animegamingnerd1896d ago

would be better then EA or activsion

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