CES 2013: Possible 'Steam Box' Revealed

TGH Writes: "After long rumors it has been announced that Valve has partnered with Xi3 whom are creating a developmental stage computer gaming system optimized for Steam gameplay in Big Picture Mode. "

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Starfox8111836d ago

I'm not 1005 sold on it being the definitive box, but having looked at the Modular chasis that Xi3 say their Valve partnership is housed inside, it's quite possible that it really could be.

ShadyDevil1836d ago

Turns out this is just one of the PC consoles that Valve has partnered with. They are supposedly releasing one themselves too. So essentially, its Steam BOXES. Not just one BOX.

adorie1836d ago

This has me excited. A computer like this will change the landscape. Watch the competitors scramble in fear.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

WOW! I never heard of Xi3 till just now but they are amazing!

They can fit a quad core, 4-8gb ram , up 1 YB hhd & run crysis 2 in this? and it's upgradable!

I doubt ps4 and 720 will be that small. It's a nice lil GameCube..

Kevin ButIer1836d ago

Shut up...

and take my money...

DeadlyFire1835d ago

Piston is revealed!!

Based on quad core AMD Trinity.

AMD claims another console. 2 out of 4 confirmed so far. Well Sony I expect AMD as well. Microsoft as a maybe? Rumors go both ways for Microsoft so who knows.

ajax171836d ago

So Valve will make an entire console... but not Half-Life 3... Makes total sense (-_-* )

adorie1836d ago

Not really a hard decision when you look at the bigger picture.

1) Should we work full on, on HL3/EP3

2) Should we research a way to stay relevant for the foreseeable future

DeadlyFire1835d ago

They want to know exactly how many people want to play Half-Life 3 so they make a console and then put it out exclusively for their console for a set time period to see what happens.

RuperttheBear1835d ago

Who's to say they are not working on it?

ginsunuva1836d ago

I'm pretty sure Valve's steambox will be cloud based to ensure not having to release multiple. If valve does cloud on pc, any other companies trying to compete will be DOA.
Actually I'm 80% sure it will be cloud based. Watch.

Abdou231836d ago

It will note, cloud gaming doesn't need a console, it can work on your phone or tablet.