New Pokemon announcement is 3DS-related?

NE: "The content of the reveal is completely under wraps, but we may have a small clue as to what is in store."

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exfatal2021d ago

if it is a 3ds title, that juat means the announcement has to be that much bigger! Im really looking forward to them going away from the sprites if thats the case. All of nintendo mascots evolved from sprites except for pokemon to my knowledge. Even pit

DarkHeroZX2021d ago

Custom character models woulbe be nice!

NeXXXuS2021d ago

They need to make a console free roam version of pokemon. It would just be that much more exciting to see a Skyrim type game but with pokemon.

TheDivine2021d ago

Has to be 3ds. There may be more ds' out there but they sold enough and waited long enough to move on. They need to support the new handheld now. They prob have been working on this for a while now also.

Lots of exciting stuff coming to 3ds. Can't wait for fire emblem and soul hackers!