Seduce Me makes sex seem really boring (review)| GamesBeat

Seduce Me is an erotic strategy game that was one of the first removed from Steam Greenlight for violating Valve's regulations on explicit content. That is the most exciting thing about it.

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roblef1993d ago

Way to call them out on how ridiculous a game like this is.

SybaRat1993d ago

Totally shocked it didn't score higher. Seemed like so much potential!

Sadie21001993d ago

25/100? Why doesn't that surprise me?

davidfca1993d ago

on the one hand, it looks like an improvement on the average Japanese porno game.

on the other hand, that is not exactly a high bar to clear.

Bimkoblerutso1992d ago

Seriously, people were giving this game WAY more attention than it ever deserved.

It's obviously better than the grammar-deficient flash games out there that all seem to be made by sexually confused 13 year olds, but it's still just poorly written porn...which to be honest, I have no problem with, but apparently the "game" portions just make the experience a total drag.

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