Black Ops 2 #1 Ranked Xbox 360 Player Resets Stats Due to DDOS Attacks

GR - "The global number one ranked player for Black Ops 2 on the Xbox 360 had to reset his stats due to internet attacks..."

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ab5olut10n1900d ago

man, if this is real then W-T-F....why? seriously.

TheGamerDood1900d ago ShowReplies(14)
finbars751900d ago

Maybe now the kid can go back to school and get some education or even see what the world looks like from the outside of his house.

Kurt Russell1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

You're on a game site comment section calling out a nerd... You must be soaked in irony right now.

f7897901899d ago

Kurt I don't think you realize how many hours a day are put into being at the top.

Essentially all free time is spent playing a single game and doing NOTHING else.

masa20091899d ago

So what, other people spend their life collecting stamps or old records which you could call just as dumb.
For the record, I've never even played a single online game of COD.

finbars751899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Obvisouly Kurt missed the point here.f789790 hasnt.The fact you have to put in pretty much night day hours to be at the top doesnt mean you are a nerd which I never implied here but it means that you have a serious addiction and nothing else in the world matters.Which is where my comment was going.GTF outside and live a real life.Masa2009 just tells me that he has no idea of what comparing apples to oranges means.People collecting items is a whole different thing they dont spend every winking moment doing one thing to be on top.I play alot of games but being educated and going outdoors is a little more important then sitting hours on end destroying my brain cells to be on top of a game.Theres more to life then just that.

Temporary1899d ago

LOL @ people who think collecting stamps is the same as spending 20hrs a day on CoD.

DOUBLE LOLskiiissssssss!!!

Soldierone1899d ago

I think you need to watch a few new TV channels. There are hobbies that do the same thing... Collecting stuff can take all day and night depending on what it is. Organizing it and learning when and where to go. There are jobs for people doing this.....

Its no different than being a gym freak. If you are at the gym 7 hours a day anyone can say "go do something else"

Too much of anything can be criticized....

Dee_911899d ago

"Have Call of Duty players stooped this low that they'll harass people that are better/ranked higher than them? "

Lol welcome to 2008

Tikicobra1899d ago

The comments about him being a nerd and not having a life are really immature and uncalled for. The dude clearly put a lot of time into the game, if that's what he wants to do with his time then more power to him. It's pretty messed up of people to do this to him.

FanboyPunisher1894d ago

Atleast finbar can be on a video game website and still not be an obessed gamer.

Grats for people who are enlightened gamers.

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Derekvinyard131900d ago

and people pay for this? what garbage

JeffGUNZ1899d ago

What, for the internet? Did you read the article? his IP was hacked, not his xbox live account. This can happen to anyone online, PSN or Live. Learn a little before your comment.

ThanatosDMC1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )


He's talking about P2P.

Edit: Nvm, mithril beat me to it. Read below.

mithril1900d ago

ok, it's possible to know ip of other player on both gaming network. But only on games that are P2P. Play games with dedicated servers, your data is not sent directly to another user so your IP is not visible to other user.

Blackdeath_6631899d ago

console users don't understand that concept yet.

Temporary1899d ago

Because the 360 doesnt believe in dedicated servers ... Sony's the only one that really uses them this Gen on consoles from what i've seen.

zimain1899d ago

The platform (ie MS or Sony) doesn't control game servers, the publisher does. Activision doesn't use dedicated for the call of duty series.

And in most cases they only use servers to host playlist settings, lobby creation and the searching platform.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1899d ago

I hate cod.. But I have to say that sucks... :(

Ezz20131899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

every thing have to turn into console war on this site
no need for those fanboy fights every time a problem appear on a rival system

TheGamerDood1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

The next Xbox to use Win8 kernel? Scratch my last comment, this would be the reason not to get the next xbox. We're all familiar with the history of MS and Win security. right?

"Both the Xbox 360 and New Xbox versions of Destiny will be cross-compatible. ****It’s all the same Xbox Live, after all"***

Oh it's all the same alright, security flaws and all. Like I said show me PROOF that this is reproducible on PSN; provide me the links that show a users personal info was acquired in the PSN attack until then it's all just BS.

Mainsqueeze1899d ago

Dude sorry to say but you're an many people have stated before, that the DDOS attack has nothing to do with xbox live security and you should probably learn what you are talking about b4 you go blabering on about something you know nothing about. Someone can just as easily DDOS you off your PSN account as they could your XBL account. Oh and maybe you should care a little less about what people are buying next gen...if you don't want the next xbox then don't buy it its as simple as that, nobody else cares about what you think they should or shouldn't buy. True gamers don't align themselves with one single brand.

IAmLee1899d ago

Could of been worst, he could of lost all of his stats on a decent game..

Tonester9251899d ago

Lol people are still trying to reach the top of the leaderboards.

If you haven't been playing the game since release.... EVERYDAY then sucks for you

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Intentions1900d ago

Lol getting upset over a game.

Timesplitter141900d ago

Oh my god poor him. Humanity will never recover from this tragedy.

ab5olut10n1900d ago

it's precisely the lack of humanity that's disheartening. sure, it's just a videogame. not life and death. but to deliberately harass someone over a game, unsolicitedly, just because they're doing better than you? yeah, i'd say that's a ding against humanity alright.

dasbeer881900d ago

Like how Justin Bieber fans are cutting themselves just because he smoked some pot -_-

OdinFallen1899d ago

*facepalm You do realize that was something 4chan started, right?

Nes_Daze1900d ago

#1 in Black Ops 2? Is that supposed to be an accomplishment? ...I kid I

SirBradders1899d ago

Its an accomplishment of announcing to the world you have a highly addictive personality problem. Imagine this kid on heroin hell be dead in a day.

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