3DS outsells the Vita 8 to 1 in Japan during 2012

2012 is behind us and we have some more perspective on how much the 3DS is outselling Sony's Vita handheld in Japan.

Unfortunately for Sony it appears that the 3DS outsold the Vita in Japan 8 to 1.

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chestnut11221986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

Let's all move forward to 2013., We all know that the Vita struggles last year but I'M positive that It'll have a great Future these year., Hopefully games Like FF Type 0, FF 10 HD, Metal Gear, God of War, Grand theft Auto, Persona 5 and many more Comes to Vita these year and make a Wonderful and Glorious Comeback. ;) I'm pretty sure Soul Sacrifice will have a positive results., Note : Sony's almost halfway through their 10 million mark ;)

klecser1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

You've pretty much summed up exactly why the Vita struggles. All of the games you've listed are very niche games, for the handheld market, demographically. They appeal to 15 to 25 year old males. People younger than that and older than that are not interested in a glut of violence, which is what Vita games mostly are. Look at the catalogue. Yes, you get your odd sports game or your odd Gravity Rush, but most of the catalogue is just shoot stuff and beat it up.

Vita is a fine system. Technologically more advanced in every way. But Sony has also always catered to a very specific (and small) demographic. When you lose the child and older adults market, and have the highest priced console, you can't hope to sell many units.

Canary1986d ago

I wish I could share your optimism, but of all the games you listed, only 2 are actual Vita games, and only 1 has a release date.

So as much as I wish I could, I can't.

And, really, I don't think the Vita is likely to improve too much until consumers stop working off blind faith and start criticizing the product. Criticism isn't just a consumer's right--it's a duty.

Kingthrash3601986d ago

My care level is so low on this topic... Why not include every other system.
How about you make an article about how many games came out for the 3ds this holiday season compaired to the vita.... Or how many sports games like madden or MLB. Or how many FPS or racers or.... Man you get it. The only thing the 3ds has is sales.... I chalk it up to the head start and price tag. I really don't care for numbers, its not like I'm making anything off its higher sales.... All I care about is games. I own both and to be honest I love both. It's just the vita gets waaaaay more time simply because it has more games like sports and racers online fps and the like. I go to 3ds when I wanna beat Mario again or play mariocart a couple races. These games are old in gamer years... It had nothin worth buying during the holiday season or in the far. They may announce a Pokemon game tomorrow but that's gunna be some old versions of the games I already beat on the ds. Smh I guess sales numbers are the only way the 3ds tops the vita. I never hear them compare games.

chestnut11221986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

I agree with You., These People always bashes the Vita based on it's sales., But not Comparing Games between the 2., I own both too., but I spend more quality time with my Vita because I can do a lot more with It., Heck P4 Golden alone eats a lot of my Time., I Wanted to see their reactions once The Vita picks up with the sales and more games being developed exclusively for it.,. I once experience these negative feedback during The PSP and PS3's 1st year and look at them now. :)

P.S. PS Vita is one of a kind on it's own.,

MasterCornholio1986d ago

I never got a 3DS because it lacks games that i am interested in. I know that many people love Nintendo franchises but im sick and tired of playing the same characters over and over again and this comes from something who has been with Nintendo since the launch of the gameboy (still have fond memories of that brick). One of the main reasons why i bought a Vita is due to its extremely ergonomic form factor, excellent controls and new ips which i have enjoyed many on Sonys new portable.

I know that the 3DS is outselling the Vita and that Nintendos franchises tend to sell more than Sonys franchises but that doesnt stop the Vita from being a great handheld with a great library of games which is bound to expand even more in the near future. Sorry Nintendo fans but Sony is good at making hardware and games as well so there's no need to cry over it just enjoy your games and leave Vita owners alone unless you want to prove to the world that your a bunch of kids.

ronin4life1986d ago

3ds has "nothing incoming"?
I'm looking forward to more titles by March than the Vita got this last holiday, or will be getting all next year(currently lined up)

There is a bigger reason 3ds is out-selling Vita than its earlier release: there are more games, from more genres and comparatively more are original and exclusive... but of course you won't know that if you choose to ignore a whole consoles releases.(and not just the retail titles either... everyone tends to overlook eshop as well, which has seen several great releases just this last month)

To cap this statement, let me remind people here: this story specifically is referring to JAPANESE sales. In Japan, 3ds has nearly 2-3 games for each 1 we have over here so far... and the vita has about the same between all regions. This isn't due only to "luck"', or "earlier release" or "stong brand loyalty"... the decisive factors are still the games. Something 3ds had in droves, released constantly through the year instead of seasonal bursts.

So please, lets not pretend this isn't the case. Lets not rationalize something beyond reason to the point of delusion. Just look and you will see the clear, obvious reality: the 3ds has more games, more dev support all while being offered in a hassle free and cheaper package.

Kingthrash3601986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

See now your letting your fanboy ways shine here. As I stated I like all my consoles, but the 3ds clearly lacking especially after having a head start game quality wise. Example, look at the eshop a lot of games some can be found on iOS free or some 3d remake of an old game or something. IMO the best thing in the eshop is pushimo series. No super Mario world,no super metriod naw just mostly gameboy (green&white) games. I can go buy & play thos very old gameboy games or..... Or I can pay 17.99 and get uncharted, gravity rush, wipeout, jetset, ff tactics, ect. Plus they are in color and all less than a year old (exept fft)
With trophies no less. I love the eshop but psn is far, far more attractive right now.
What games have been released constantly? Are you talking eshop? I bought a 3ds for 3ds games not some old games I've already beat. Right now, today name 5 3rd party 3ds games that has come out worth buying or considered a AAA game..,,, just five. Nintendo has the strongest first party games for sure that's how the wii is still outselling the competition but it really lags on everything else. Like I said before I want good games and all systems have them, but as far as the 3 ds goes right now its collecting dust and my vita is on right now.

ronin4life1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

5? OK:
Harvest Moon
DOA: Dimensions
Resident Evil: revelations
Samurai warriors Chronicles
Ghost recon: future soldier

DONE. Leaving out Professor layton, because I forgot it, and Code of princess and other comparatively minor 3rd party games that many would scoff at... and those are ONLY the exclusives I've mentioned.

Or did you mean 5 Japanese games? I'll raise you to 10:
Monster Hunter
Fantasy life
Bravely Default
Senran Kagura
Devil survivor soul hacker
Layton vs ace attorney
etrian odessy 4
project x zone
sengoku musou(samurai warriors) chronicles 2nd
rune factory 4

Done... with MonHun and Devil survivor being exclusive updates to older games(obviously non 3ds, and thus the distinction) and the rest being completely exclusive. And you can add every game in my 5 list to the Japanese one as well... and soon many of the Japanese games will be available west(a few by March)

The fanboy side of me may be strong, but I make sure I know what I'm talking about before making a statement. Can you say the same thing?

Kingthrash3601986d ago

Agreed the vita is on its own level. Loving it and persona is what I'm on right now... Currently spent 56 hours playing it. I haven't played and RPG to this degree since ffX. It's a real shame how they bash the vita but gives the 3ds the ultimate pass.
Your right about the psp and ps3 getting bashed early on. That's something I've noticed too. Fanboy gamers always see things half assed. People really have to own both the systems to really see what gets more time. IMO there is no better gaming system because I like games... Period. Don't really care if its Sony or Nintendo or Microsoft I play what I like and that's it. I hope they all succeed and continue to bring out games. It's just by owning all systems you'll know first hand what gets played most simply because the games it has... Right now 3ds is lacking compared to the vita. I just hate these fanboy articles.

chestnut11221986d ago

I'm always wondering Why not gave Love to all the consoles and handhelds instead of Showing hatred to each of them., We should at least be happy to see a lot of games still developed for us to enjoy the gaming industry.,

CaptainN1986d ago

And now POKEMON X & Y were just anounced, just putting nails in the coffin at this point....Nintendo just has to many bullets aimed at Vita right now. Animal Crossing is selling like crack in Japan, Fire Emblem is about to be released in the USA, Luigi's Mansion is next up to bat.....and they still have there two gems... the new Zelda and the new Smash bros as the final 1-2 punch.

Vita may be a good piece of hardware....but it cant compete with that lineup....and that's not even including games like Monster Hunter 4 and Castlevania from third parties.

If Sony's Vita has any tricks up its sleeve, now is the damn time to show them!

tubers1986d ago

Not to mention there's likely to be more announced games for the 3DS within 2013.


Not to mention Nvidia Shield coming @ Q2 2013.

Sony'd better bring their A game this 2013 if they still want to be relevant to the portable market.. a simple price cut ain't gonna do it.

joeorc1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

"Sony'd better bring their A game this 2013 if they still want to be relevant to the portable market.. a simple price cut ain't gonna do it.

IF Sony still want to be relevant in the portable market?

Lets put this in quite the perspective shall we, unlike Many here YOU CANNOT LOOK AT IT JUST AS Dedicated game Handheld console's anymore. Which Sony is not. unlike Many here just seem to still not freaking get it. Nintendo does great they outsell Sony 8 to 1 right? well Sony sell over 8.8 Million xperia smartphones per sales Quarter!. Do people really think the PSVita is the main target for Mobile? No, its made as a device to compliment the main DOMINATE MOBILE MARKET LEADER AND THAT IS THE SMARTPHONE!

it is not upfor debate, many may say this is about Handheld vs handheld in the market but on the same token those very same people say that smartphones like apple Samsung make the PSVita redundant, but give the Nintendo Product a free pass about sales! you cannot have it freaking both way's. if you want to talk about sales of unit's Nintendo is no where near software and hardware sales leader. As smartphones in the market is in fact the sales leader in software sales and device number sales also, hell just put samsung and apple in the mix with out even including HTC, LG,Pantech etc., and both Nintendo and Sony have no where near the level that Apple and samsung sale in hardware per sales, Quarter.

Unlike Nintendo though the PSVita for the future will still have the most Dedicated amount of GPU ram in any handheld for quite a while. the PSVita has 128 MB of dedicated GPU ram, while the Nintendo 3DS has 6 MB of dedicated video ram.

though that does not mean really much of anything is no one makes software for it, right? which is true, but that is the thing software is still being made for the PSVita.

The PSVita unlike the PSPGo is still getting support and is still being re ordered into the retail chain's despite the Nintendo 3DS selling 8 to 1 over the PSVita in japan.

just like the DS sold quite well over the PSP. or just like the compact car out sell a Mid size or sports car in the market.

AWBrawler1979d ago

Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiin! i bet if there was a Wii phone or some kind of Nintendo smart phone and a Nintendo fan said the same thing, you'd dismiss it, or call it casual crap and shovelware.

joeorc1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

"Spiiiiiiiiiiiiiin! i bet if there was a Wii phone or some kind of Nintendo smart phone and a Nintendo fan said the same thing, you'd dismiss it, or call it casual crap and shovelware."

Look at my Past posting's and tell me again how would i post!

Unlike you, which has not even looked at my past post's, you would know i do not post that way. i post to inform, not detract from the info posted.

As a matter of fact Nintendo already looked into turning the GAMEBOY ADVANCED INTO A phone! ASK ME HOW I KNOW THIS!

Because unlike many i like to inform people, why you just seem to look and point finger's at people, not bothering to inform just detract!

AWBrawler1978d ago

true i didn't check your comment history. (I never check anyone's) I'm just stating that the subject was 3DS vs Vita. Why even bring it the Xperia to soften the blow??

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