Wii U is not profitable after one game sale

Reggie Fils-Aime said a few months ago that one single game purchase made the Wii U profitable for Nintendo. It turns out this is not the case at all, and that one game doesn't make the system profitable.

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NintyJazz2049d ago

Huh... either the system is more powerful than thought, or the Gamepad is really expensive

profgerbik2049d ago

Welcome to the party Nintendo.

neogeo2049d ago

say's sony:)

"welcome to our world"

iamnsuperman2049d ago

What? Either someone along the line did some serious bad math or Reggie just made it up on the spot either way you would have thought someone would have checked this before.

1upgamer992049d ago

Nintendo will be fine. Its not like they are going to lose money forever. This is not the first company to sell at a loss.

Indo2049d ago

They could have spent more money on the console than the Wii Pad cause from what i see most of the Price tag seems to be for the Pad. But their Nintendo so they end up making profit and keep selling an underpowered system to millions of kids worldwide.

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