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Submitted by SpaceSquirrel 1054d ago | news

‘God of War: Ascension’ pre-order deal upgraded by Amazon with $10 credit

Amazon today upgraded their pre-order deal with a $10 promotional credit for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive video game, “God of War: Ascension.” (God of War: Ascension, PS3)

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Abash  +   1055d ago
Nice, there's nothing like getting a credit to use on your next purchase just for buying an awesome game you cant wait to play
ABizzel1  +   1054d ago
Best Buy has / had $20 credit for a large list of games. Check the store as many are still doing the promotion.
minuekim  +   1054d ago
Still no 300 Leonidas gear. That's a major shame.
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Lubu  +   1054d ago
Too bad it doesn't apply to the Collectors Edition, since its the one I want.
GraveLord  +   1054d ago
Already got this pre-ordered. Remember that you don't have to cancel and re-order to get this bonus.
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RTheRebel  +   1054d ago
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kingmushroom  +   1054d ago
sorry but gamestop is offering Leonidas skin costume and a gow poster.
Krew_92  +   1054d ago
Most likely in the future you will be able to buy the skin in the PlayStation store thus putting the free $10 to use. The poster I don't care about personally.

I'd rather get credit than shop at GameStop for useless skins and a semi-good poster.
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kingmushroom  +   1052d ago
It's just $10 man I don't need $10
black911  +   1054d ago
Pretty sure there will be a better deal. All this is $50 for the game.

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