‘Hartacon Tactics’ Bringing Multiplayer RPG Strategy to Xbox Live, PC

Coming soon from Daniele Messina is what is being called "the first full multiplayer strategy RPG released for Xbox Live Indie Games."

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forevercloud30001574d ago

Ummm....those look a lot like Disgaea's character sprites :/.

Is this a joke?

blackblades1574d ago

Dude they are Disgaea's character sprites, somebody is going to be sued.

Tsuru1574d ago they have copyright permission to use those sprites?

Rush1574d ago

I thought you guys where being unfair but nope, I watched they video an they are ripped off Disgaea 3 sprites....

I would go further and say it looks close to an entire engine rip of and re-skin. I think the "italian developer, Daniele Messina" should be sued if he wasn't given permission.

No morals like the developers behind The War Z.

DanieleMessina1574d ago

Hi, I'm the developer. It's clearly stated that characters in the video are placeholders, used within the fair use conditions. Original graphics are in the works. Thank you.

Daniele Messina.