The Walking Dead sales climb to 8.5 millions

Telltale Games saw huge success in 2012 with the release of The Walking Dead as an episodic series, with the game now at more than 8.5 million individual episodes sold since launch. More on that after the jump.

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Timesplitter141775d ago

gotta try this game soon. I need to overcome my instinctual rejection of all TV/movie-based games

green1775d ago

I got episode one today. So far, I am really enjoying it.

NeverEnding19891775d ago

This game is far better than the TV show. I got all 5 episodes for $10 and I'm very much enjoying it.

InMyOpinion1775d ago

The game is based on the comic not the TV series. It's amazing and you owe yourself to give it a try :)

Abdou231775d ago

Good for them, they better invest more in the upcoming season to reduce the amount of technical errors, maybe ditch the cell-shaded graphics too.

TryMe1775d ago

Tell Tales Walking Dead takes a giant dump on the twd tv show in my opinion. Don't be AFRAID!!!!!

ABizzel11775d ago

Every once in a while there's a good one. Chronicles of Riddick, X-Men: Origins Wolverine, and a few others.

However, this isn't based on the TV show, as this game is an actual part of the canon featuring a completely new set of potential survivors.

Anywho I want to know are those total sales from the entire series, or is it really 1.7 million in sales per episodes 1 - 5.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1775d ago

i tried the free episode... got bored half way thru didnt excite me.

TryMe1775d ago

You really should try to finish the episode, at least play up till the 2nd episode. If you still don't like it thats fine..

But considering the 1st episode is by far the weakest out of the 5, you really should try more.

-MD-1775d ago

2nd favorite game of the year. A must play.

Ares84HU1775d ago

Awesome game and look it doesn't have MP mode. Just goes to show that not every game needs it *coughgodofwarcough* humm..... *coughtombraidercaugh*

medman1775d ago

Yeah, I picked this up during the xbox christmas countdown for 10 dollars. So far I'm enjoying it. For ten bucks I couldn't go wrong.

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