Kenji Saito explains some concepts behind Metal Gear Rising

Kenji Saito uses the Rising blog to explain some concepts of the game, like Blade Mode, Parry and Execution.

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League_of_Draven2049d ago

The concept is to ruin everything in a shallow attempt to cash-in on the Metal Gear name. This garbage isn't worth playing even when it flops and hits the bargain bin.

jeremyj29132049d ago

If Kojima never handed the game over and tried it with his team would you still feel the same way?

calis2049d ago

Love dead heads who trash a game they've never played.

Hicken2049d ago

This isn't Snake's Revenge.

This is Platinum Games, a developer that excels at the hack and slash genre.

It also has Kojima's blessing; he's even gone as far as to express a willingness to work with P* again.

Which part of either of these things sounds shallow? What sounds like a cash-in? What sounds like garbage? What sounds like a flop?