Report: PS4 Announcement Not Coming in February, Sigh

“Report” is a lovely word for journalists – it’s basically used the same way as “rumor”, but it sounds more credible, leading to more ever-important clicks due to the power of a misleading title. Today, games journalists have decided to use it again to speculate that the PS4 will be announced in February. While there’s always the possibility that it may be announced next month (a very slim one, as we explain below), the reasoning behind the claim is utterly, horrifically and embarrassingly flawed. Unfortunately, the rumor is starting to spread, infecting unfortunate readers who are being lied to. So it’s time to squash it.

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Sev2016d ago

Good. Glad that someone is clearing up these bogus rumors today.

TrendyGamers2016d ago

Yeah, I didn't really believe them when I first read them.

iamnsuperman2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

I swear this rumour came about after a website (posted here) said it was a sensible thing to do and didn't even hint it came from any source

doctorstrange2016d ago

Not sure where the idea originally started, but Expert Reviews suggested it as a possibility and Develop + MCV jumped on it as an almost fact. Disgusting.

EddieNX 2016d ago

Awwwww , I had to change my shorts for this ?

2016d ago
DOMination-2015d ago

The rumour came from people who assumed it would be announced at destination playstation festival

SolidStoner2015d ago

I visit n4g almost every week and I can say that half of these articles are fake or very bad written.... sadly... this site was meant for other purpose, but it seems that no one is trying to make order here...

RuleNumber52015d ago

@doctorstrange, you guys write the same bullshit that you are criticizing. Seriously, it's the pot calling the kettle black. You think that by insulting other websites, that makes you a good journalist? Do you think smeering other website makes you a good journalist? (I didn't like what Expert Reviews said either btw) As a consumer of media and someone who reads a lot about games, I'm less inclined to read about your childish bickering about other websites. If I want to hear about gossip then I'll watch the Jersey Shore.

Rumors are a part of the profession of journalism, regardless if you like them or not. Hell ESPN's SportsCenter is 90% based off of opinion, banter and what if's, yet people still consume it like it's going out of style. And they openly sell it like it's genuine journalism. Why? Because that is what journalism has become. Mainstream media and the 24-hour news cycle are the ones responsible for the habit of perpetuating rumors and promoting speculation. It's the way it is, deal with it, because what you're talking about is exactly what this profession has become.

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BitbyDeath2016d ago

PS1 ended production 23rd March 2006
Meaning production opens for the PS3
-8 months later the PS3 released

PS2 ended production 27th December 2012
Meaning production opens for the PS4
-8 months later... we'll have to wait and see

Just saiyan

TheOpposition2015d ago

Statistics can always be displayed to back up your point of view, and i think that is the case here....

TAURUS-5552015d ago

if your stats are correct well have our new PS4 by august...yeees.

dbjj120882016d ago

Yeah, there's nothing in February to frame this around.

MostJadedGamer2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

why would the ps4 be announced in february when it is not coming out til fall 2014

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Wedge192016d ago

These rumors have been killing me today. A sad result of sites grasping at any straws they can to get hits during this time, misrepresenting information which then spreads unchecked across the internet like a California wildfire.

2015d ago
rainslacker2015d ago

During this time? They've been doing that this whole generation. Nowadays there seems to be no reason to do fact checking, when all you seem to have to do is put rumor in the title, or assert your theory as fact by posting the most innocuous of related things.

There are still a few good gaming journalist out there. Just wish they'd get more of the limelight.

doctorstrange2016d ago

Yeah, no reason to expect it'd be announced then, just a mixture of shoddy journalism and wishful thinking

EffectO2016d ago

Report,playstationlifestyle is jealous that other sites are getting the clicks.

NastyLeftHook02016d ago

e3 2013, live in your world, play in ps4's!!!

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