8 button prompts we would like to have seen

GamesBeat: Video games give players the ability to do anything they want with just a few simple taps on a controller. Would you like to do a backflip? We have a button for that. Are you looking for Jason? Games have you covered. How about clearing a room of enemies via a series of increasingly complex fighting moves, including this really cool one that involves a lemon wedge and a stuffed duck? OK, that’ll be at least six or seven presses, but it will happen, and you’re gonna love it.

But sometimes, the interface fails, and we find ourselves wanting to do something that developers never really took into consideration. Here are eight button prompts we would have loved to see in some recent games — even if they wouldn’t all be particularly useful.

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Sadie21001934d ago

The MGS one is brilliant!

NagaSotuva1934d ago

This article reminded me of Conker's Bad Fur Day for some reason.

JeffGrubb1934d ago

The Walking Dead one broke the entire series for me.