FTL: Faster than Light Review [thextremepulse]

Alarms are sounding loudly while the room is lit up red with the pulses of the alert. Smoke is rising and the lieutenant is screaming what your orders are. “Captain, Captain?” You reply, “Full impulse! Hit them with everything we have!” As the smoke rises on the bridge, you look out upon the starship that could very well be the last thing you ever see. The ship flares up in a brilliant explosion as you roar past, and looking over your crew, you sit back down in the captain’s chair, with a sigh of relief. “Previous heading helmsman…” This is what it is like to be in the captain’s chair of your very own star ship in FTL: Faster than Light, an amazing space top down strategy/rogue-like game. You take on the role of a captain/commander of a Federation (not Star Trek) ship, bent on reaching your destination, where you must deliver vital information on the Rebel forces that are chasing you across the galaxy.

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