HMV Reveals Black Ops II ‘The Revolution’ DLC Details, Comes to PS3 on February 28th

After a poster showing off The Revolution DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops II was found last week, HMV’s Facebook Page has spilled the beans on when we can expect a PlayStation 3 release date, as well as what will be included for your $15.

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alexcosborn1781d ago

Bring on "The Revolution"!

WetN00dle691781d ago

My body is ready for, "The Revolution!"
Jan 28th cant come any sooner :(

TrendyGamers1781d ago

Die Rise sounds like it could be a really fun zombies map.

dbjj120881781d ago

Eh. Black Ops II isn't doing it for me. Modern Warfare 2 was where Call of Duty peaked for me.

FuzzyPooka1781d ago

Thank you for your opinion. And for posting it on a Black Ops article.

HammadTheBeast1781d ago

I don't really know why people bother with maps in the games after MW2. They're all just rat mazes, a plain white map with corridors would serve the same purpose.

MW2 had huge maps, but kept the action close enough that it was fun. Derail and Highrise were great.

Riderz13371781d ago

I still think MW2 had the best maps. I mean sure the game was ruined because of Commando and OMA Danger Close noob tubers, but you have to admit it had some pretty epic maps and I have to say it was a huge step up from CoD 4. That was the last time I have seen a Call of Duty game actually change. Everything after MW2 was just a lame attempt at trying to copy the MW2 formula so they could continue to get the huge amount of copies sold. There were only 2 maps I didn't enjoy in MW2 and those were Underpass and Derail everything else was epic. Heck I even enjoyed the campaign! If only there wasn't a law suit going on during MW2, I think it could have been the best CoD to date.

HammadTheBeast1781d ago

Definitely, CoD 4 and MW2 had the best maps of any CoD to date.

Tonester9251781d ago

MW and MW2 maps were all square. Treyarch maps were all mixed up

1781d ago
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