'The Walking Dead' Devs Want To Make 'Half-Life 3 Stories' Adventure Game

GR - "The Walking Dead by Telltale Games was, by all accounts, an enormous success. It sold over 8 million copies and won numerous Game of the Year awards in 2012. It's not surprising, therefore, that Telltale intends to develop a second season of the game which picks up where episode 5 left off with a new story with all new horrors to overcome."

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-Gespenst-1837d ago

I'd want this to be heavily policed by Valve if it happened.

1837d ago
BanBrother1837d ago

I disagree with Telltale. They are already working on 2 other episodic games, as well as another season of TWD, and as good as Half Life is, I don't think it suits this style of, 'game'.

TWD was amazing as it has always been solely about the characters. Half-life has other stuff going on that might detract from it in this form of game. They could prove me wrong though, as they did an excellent job with TWD.

DarkBlood1837d ago

whats the other 2 if you dont mind me asking

Rivitur1837d ago

Well I believe they are still working on Sam and Max and maybe Jurassic Park however, I find nothing on the internet to support that claim only thing is TWD mobile and episode 6.

Skate-AK1837d ago

I don't think they have announced what 2 games they are working in.

DarkBlood1837d ago

oh ok well i know jurassic park is already out unless its a season 2 for that

SideShort1837d ago

Love the idea of a halo/star wars story game. HF3, not so much.

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The story is too old to be commented.