Spec analysis: Nvidia Project Shield

EuroGamer - An Android gaming handheld with physical controls that can also wirelessly stream PC gameplay, Nvidia's Project Shield is the surprise package of this year's CES show - a portable games machine that supports a massive range of games, from the most basic 2D Android titles through to the power and majesty of top-end AAA epics like Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 via its innovative in-built local cloud gaming technology.

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MikeMyers1992d ago

And here we go. Yet another option for gamers, talk about having lots of choices out there.

blackbirdi1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

i think this gen will be overcowded with consoles ans handhelds make me remember the begins of the 90th were in every corner you see a NES clone

miyamoto1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I really thought that NGP/Vita used Android as its OS.
Missed opportunity for Sony?
Shield has lots of stuff I hoped the NGP/Vita rolled out at launch with.

Custom Android OS,
Wired or Wireless Audio Video out,
clam shell design with out sacrificing true twin analog sticks,
HD screen,
standard issue I/O ports,
affordable standard or non-propriety memory storage, etc.

Sony Xperia Play runs on Android so why can't the PS Vita?
As a platform PSVita could have ran PlayStation and Android games easily.

miyamoto1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Also stream PS3 games and vice versa as demoed with Killzone 3 at PlayStation Meeting

and can play downloaded PS3 game code flawlessly like demonstrated with MGS4 and Lost Planet

so many good stuff that did not made it on the final product or just waiting is really down playing the PS Vita , Sony.

PS Vita is really very powerful inside as powerful as a new generation iPad.

but those lots of untapped power equals lots of missed opportunities to make the PS Vita the ultimate portable handheld gaming device.

I know iOS Air Play and Android uses wireless audio video streaming from mobile device to HD TV since 2010 but shield just brings out new dual screen gaming competition for PS Vita & Wii U. Just Saying.

MikeMyers1992d ago

This has no proprietary cables and no proprietary memory cards either. It also allows streaming off your PC which of course can access Steam and it's 2,000+ games to choose from.

The scary thing is just how quickly technology is moving forward. This device even has touch screen controls and real joysticks. Curious to see how much it cost.

EddieNX 1992d ago

Just look at the thing. It looks like a sack of potato's.....

It's a fraud....

Hozi1992d ago

It's just what I wished for when I was a kid at Christmas time! It's a dream come true! Yay!

I'm more pumped about the streaming of PC games!!! I wonder what the price will be.

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