Game Changer or Needless Gadget? An In-Depth Analysis of Project Shield.

Kotaku - So Nvidia has a new gaming handheld on the way, powered by its latest mobile chip and capable of playing Android games and streaming PC games directly from your computer.

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Welshy2051d ago

With both Ouya for android based games and the Vita for near console quality and Remote Play from PS3 on the go, i don't see what they are going for here at all.

Unless they have an ace up their sleeve they are yet to reveal then as an owner of a PC, Vita and PS3, this a pointless gadget for me and people in my same position.

No point hating on something that's barely off the ground though, time will tell what Nvidia have to offer with this new platform.

Thirty3Three2051d ago


1) What happens if your PC isn't powerful enough to play games like Assassin's Creed III, Borderlands 2, etc.? Then it's just another android tablet. I doubt they'd bring games like Assassin's Creed III to the android market JUST for this console... also, the DL size would be HORRID.

2) So you need your "Gaming" PC/Laptop open at all times? Good idea... not.

3) You need wifi to play the "good" games, otherwise it's just another ridiculous android tablet.


PSVita is better.