PlayStation Store Preview – January 8th, 2013: God of War Ascension Beta Begins

Tomorrow, those of you with PlayStation Plus subscriptions and a taste for blood and vengeance can join in the God of War: Ascension Beta. Demon’s Souls is also hitting PSN for the very first time. But if gratuitous violence or sadism and masochism aren’t your cup of tea, check out the fantastic new PS2 Classics incoming this week – they’re infinitely more tame (wink wink).

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Sev1805d ago

Finally, I can rips heads off with friends instead of always being alone.

dbjj120881805d ago

It's better together. Maybe if they all stood in a circle they could jerk necks until their heads pop off.

Y_51501805d ago

I found that pretty hilarious just picturing that image!

alexcosborn1805d ago

Demon's Souls on the down-load!

oNIXo1805d ago

Just about to say that.

SAE1805d ago

Same here , gonna buy it after i wake up :D

BigDollarZoe9541805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

God Of War can't wait good to be a plus member right now

doogiebear1805d ago

No vita game? Chronovolt was weak. At least give us quality psp and ps1 games that instead

Y_51501805d ago

Don't worry, chronovault won't be free tomorrow. So that means soon we'll have a new free game for Vita plus. :)

doogiebear1805d ago

I hope so. Unless it simply is just being removed without a replacement :O

Y_51501805d ago

By seeing the PS+ update, I'm afraid so. :(
Go to "Expiring soon" on the PS+ section in the store, you'll see Chronovault is on that list! it sucks but there's always next week right?

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